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114,264m² of French forest protected funded
1247 difts
3 € = 10 m² of French forest protected
Why we love it?

At a time when our CO2 emissions are still far too high, and over 90% of France's forests are used for timber production, Etats Sauvages has set itself the mission of buying up forests in order to leave them to evolve in peace, and thus preserve as much biodiversity as possible.

The project

Etats Sauvages works to preserve the biodiversity of French forests. The association acquires forests that are then left to evolve freely, creating true refuges for living things, and involves citizens in their protection.
of France's forest area is used for wood production
5 000
are potentially present in a small temperate forest
145 000
of forests in mainland France are already protected by the Etats Sauvages association.


Etats Sauvages works to preserve the biodiversity of French forests. Through its action, the association is committed to protecting living things by purchasing forests that are then left to evolve freely. In this way, it contributes to creating refuges for numerous animal, plant and fungal species.

In order to mobilize and involve citizens in its actions, Etats Sauvages accompanies them in a discovery of the ecosystem to transform them into true Allies of the Forests.

Etats Sauvages has already acquired nearly 15 ha of forests in the Cantal, Vosges, Normandy and Ile-de-France regions. These forests have enabled the creation of biodiversity reserves and are now left to evolve freely.

The money will be used for

  • Create new forest reserves for the living
  • Conserve active and resilient carbon sinks
  • Curb the erosion of biodiversity in French forests by protecting the most vulnerable species
  • Raise public awareness of the proper functioning of the forest ecosystem
  • Make the public actors in the preservation of biodiversity so that they become guardians of good practices
The best way to preserve life is to do nothing... and it's much cheaper than trying to recreate what we've destroyed.
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Julie de Saint Blanquat
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