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États Sauvages

États Sauvages

Wild forests to protect life

With 1 €,
États Sauvages finances:
10 m² of forest purchased to protect it
10,235 €20,000 €
849 Captains


Our landscapes and forests are changing. Shaped by Man for economic use, they leave less and less room for the wild world, even though animals, fungi and bacteria actively contribute to reducing the amount of atmospheric CO2, directly influencing the climate. Today, over 90% of France's forest area is used for timber production and forests are gradually being replaced by monoculture plantations. 


Through the Forêt Sauvage project, the association is committed to the preservation of living things by purchasing hectares of forest: a valuable commitment to combat the erosion of biodiversity. Based on free evolution, ETATS SAUVAGES aims to create more forest reserves across the country, providing refuge areas to protect particularly vulnerable species and enable them to adapt to climate change.
États Sauvages primary
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Recent result

ETATS SAUVAGES has already acquired 5 ha of forest in Cantal, in 2021 further 4 ha in Vosges in 2022. These forests are now left to evolve freely, without human activity.

The money will be used for

Funds raised will be used to acquire new forests. The project will be pro rata to the funding: more funds raised means more area preserved!


From €5,000 raised, the association will be able to sustainably protect from 1 to 5 hectares of forest.
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