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Equal opportunities through music

With 60 €,
Démos finances:
1 violin bow(s) for a child from the Démos project
483 €15,000 €
14 Captains


Today in France, access to musical practice is not egalitarian. This is particularly true in the so-called "urban policy" priority neighborhoods, as well as in rural areas far from cultural venues. And yet, musical activity is recognized as having highly beneficial effects for those who practice it, especially children, and practicing it as part of a group helps to strengthen "living together" within our society.


Faced with this observation, the Philharmonie de Paris is committed to offering every child, whatever their social situation, the chance to blossom in music. This is the aim of the Demos children's orchestra project, a genuine school for living together.

Today, there are more than 50 Demos orchestras throughout France. These orchestras bring together more than 5,000 children from working-class or isolated neighborhoods, who learn to play a musical instrument over a 3-year period. 

The benefits for these children are immense: improved self-confidence, better concentration and attention span, enhanced listening skills and respect for others...
Démos primary
Démos secondary

Recent result

Thanks to the support of donors through the "Donate to Démos" campaign, the Philharmonie de Paris has been able to equip children joining a newly created Démos orchestra with musical instruments every year for the past 8 years.

The money will be used for

The money raised will be used to equip the youngsters joining a Démos orchestra in 2023 with musical instruments, and to ensure the maintenance of the instrumental park, i.e. the upkeep of the instruments already in the hands of the children taking part in the project. With €40,000, a full Demos orchestra (i.e. 105 children) can be equipped with musical instruments (violins, cellos, trumpets, flutes, oboes...).


Thanks to this project, more than 105 children participating in a new Démos orchestra will be able to receive their first musical instrument, and discover music within a symphony orchestra. 

They will participate for 3 years in the project with 4h of weekly rehearsal, a big rehearsal once a month, and a big end-of-year concert in an emblematic venue in their area.

At the end of Démos, 50% of children continue music at the conservatory or a partner music school.
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