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Biodiversity conservation must be carried out on an international scale to provide a global response to a global challenge: the magnificent Coeur de Forêt project in Bolivia's Yungas region is working in this direction, and we're won over!

The project

Preserving forests and biodiversity through reforestation and the development of beekeeping
of the world's deforestation is linked to agriculture
trees planted in Bolivia, France, Indonesia and Madagascar
of French forests are privately owned


It is in this context that Coeur de Forêt has decided to intervene to preserve forests, in partnership with producers and local populations. The association conducts reforestation campaigns in the region in partnership with communities.

In addition, Cœur de Forêt trains and accompanies beekeepers towards ecological transition, with the objectives of generating additional income for populations, raising awareness about the use of chemicals on bees and reinforcing the positive impact on biodiversity as this promotes pollinator diversity.

Winter season 2024 Coeur de Forêt France Sud-Ouest: between challenges and achievements
The 2024 winter season proved a challenging one, not least because of our dependence on the weather. Abundant rainfall, punctuated by brief periods of cold, but remarkably mild weather, made it more complex to carry out our planned work. Although rainfall is essential, its abundance has sometimes necessitated the postponement of certain cuttings and plantings to preserve soil integrity. Despite these obstacles, our team remains determined to complete our missions.
The winter season was marked by the completion of several important projects. Notably, we planted 23,300 trees at 30 forest owners' sites, in a variety of contexts such as agricultural land or reforestation areas.
We undertook improvement work on 18 hectares of woodland, providing a much-needed boost to the move towards continuous-canopy mixed silviculture, following the adage of the experts who conceptualized it: "Copy nature, hasten her work". We also supported 8 forest owners in their silvicultural approaches, in collaboration with 6 local contractors. 
Winter season 2024 Coeur de Forêt France Sud-Ouest: between challenges and achievements
2023 activity report on our projects
As we enter 2024, it's time to take stock and look back at our 2023 achievements! 🌟

More than 630,000 trees planted across all our projects, favoring endemic and diverse species that will ensure the health of our forest ecosystems.

Nearly 335 new producers internationally, and 50 additional forest owners supported in France, to pass on the keys to reasoned farming and forest management

More than 6,000 people(adults/children) on our projects have been sensitized to climate issues, and more specifically to forest preservation and the fight against deforestation.

In order to improve and evaluate our methods of action, we carry out field studies and diagnoses. For example, we carried out 1 forestry and agrarian diagnostic on our project in Indonesia, and 1 awareness-raising diagnostic on our project in Bolivia. On our France Sud-Ouest project, we carried out 50 forestry diagnoses with 50 families of forest owners, as well as 16 complementary diagnoses on assisted natural regeneration, agroforestry, biodiversity and phytosociology.

Finally, we've stepped up our focus on the gender factor in our projects. In Madagascar, the cooperatives we support in their ecological transition are50% women. This is also the case on our project in Bolivia, where we are participating in the economic emancipation of women through the development of beekeeping and meliponiculture.

All this is partly thanks to you, so thank you!
2023 activity report on our projects

The money will be used for

The donations collected will enable Coeur de Forêt to:
- preserve and restore biodiversity through reforestation and the return of bees;
- train and support beekeepers towards the ecological transition (purchase of equipment, distribution of hives...).
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