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Coeur de Forêt

Coeur de Forêt

Preserving Bolivia's forests and their bees

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Bolivia's unique biodiversity is threatened by massive deforestation linked to intensive agriculture. The Yungas region, where Coeur de forêt works, is known as the traditional Coca production area. Cultivated as a monoculture, coca greatly impoverishes the soil, causing erosion and even landslides. Soil degradation pushes coca growers to extend their plots by clearing areas of neighbouring forest using slash-and-burn techniques. Between deforestation, loss of biodiversity and low producer incomes,it's urgent to act!


It is in this context that Coeur de Forêt has decided to intervene to preserve forests, in partnership with producers and local populations. The association conducts reforestation campaigns in the region in partnership with communities.

In addition, Cœur de Forêt trains and accompanies beekeepers towards ecological transition, with the objectives of generating additional income for populations, raising awareness about the use of chemicals on bees and reinforcing the positive impact on biodiversity as this promotes pollinator diversity.
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Recent result

In 2022, on this project in Bolivia, 31,506 trees of 14 different species were planted and 40 hives classical and 129 melipona hives were distributed to the 45 new beekeepers benefiting from the project.

A total of 82 beekeepers were supported this year, producing 931.3 kg of honey.

The money will be used for

The donations collected will enable Coeur de Forêt to:
- preserve and restore biodiversity through reforestation and the return of bees;
- train and support beekeepers towards the ecological transition (purchase of equipment, distribution of hives...).


With €30,000 raised, 3,000 trees will be planted, 300,000 bees preserved and 7 beekeepers trained.
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