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Free evolution at the heart of national thinking update

Free evolution at the heart of national thinking

ETATS SAUVAGES participated in the seminar on free evolution organized by the IUCN French Committee in partnership with the Commission Nationale Française pour l'UNESCO on January 8 and 9.
 🔎 These days provided an opportunity to bring together the players working on this subject: forest managers, those responsible for natural areas, scientists, nature protection associations... The first day presented the subject from different angles: scientific, legal, philosophical. The second day was devoted to practical workshops on the practical implementation of free evolution zones. This symposium, which brought together more than 400 remote and face-to-face participants, also aimed to create synergies to advance these reflections  🌳🦉 🐍 🦋 🦇 🌾🌳

 👉 An essential highlight to publicize and promote this practice in favor of biodiversity that the association implements in its forest reserves 🌳

FOR READING: the final declaration signed between IUCN and UNESCO.

ETATS SAUVAGES on the "En Forêt" podcast update

ETATS SAUVAGES on the "En Forêt" podcast

The podcast "En Forêt" of the Le Zéphyr media extends its microphone to the citizens who are fighting for the forests 🌳

🔎 For this 35-minute episode, Julie de Saint Blanquat, founder of États Sauvages, looks back at the current issues facing the French forestry world and the actions taken by the association. A spotlight on our approach to preservation through the acquisition of forests left to evolve freely. To be shared without moderation! 🤩

▶️  Discover the podcast "En Forêt" 

With this 4th forest, we're protecting nearly 15 hectares! update

With this 4th forest, we're protecting nearly 15 hectares!

One forest🌳 can hide another! 🤩 In 2023, thanks to your commitment, we were able to protect a second forest of 1.2 hectares.

It's located in the massif de Fontainebleau (Ile-de-France) renowned for its remarkable 🐌 🌿 🐜 🐸 animal and plant biodiversity. A site that is home to a great diversity of habitats (notably linked to sandy soils and rock formations), such as forests, moors, meadows, watercourses and wetlands, creating ecological niches for numerous species. 

The Etats Sauvages association now owns 4 forests in France with a total surface area of 14.5 hectares, left to evolve freely. 

🙏 Thanks to the donations of patrons and the support of captains, the Etats Sauvages association is thus pursuing its ambition to protect the Living, by creating veritable refuges and sanctuaries for animal and plant species.

3e forêt protégée en Normandie ! updateForêt Etats Sauvages de Normandie

3e forêt protégée en Normandie !

Cet été a eu lieu la signature oficielle de l'acquisition par ETATS SAUVAGES d'une troisième forêt en Normandie (3,4 ha) ✏️

Composée d’essences 🌳​ de feuillus (frênes, aulnes, bouleaux, châtaigniers...), cette parcelle est intégrée dans une étendue boisée installée sur un ​💧​🌿​🌺​ ​ancien marais localisé dans​ le Perche, en Basse-Normandie. Cette zone humide se situe sur la ligne de partage des eaux entre la ​🌊 ​Manche et l’Atlantique, qui donne naissance à plusieurs cours d’eau et fleuves.

Située en zone ​Natura 2000, la forêt que nous préservons désormais est déjà reconnue pour son intérêt écologique pour abriter 🐸​🐜​​🐟​🦋 une faune et 🌷🌼​🍄​ une flore variées. La Basse-Normandie est riche de nombreuses espèces et de milieux très différents, une biodiversité dite « ordinaire » qu’il convient également de ​préserver au-delà des espèces remarquables.

Un très grand MERCI à nos captains-mécènes qui ont soutenu le financement de cette nouvelle réserve forestière 🌳💦

Publication of an article in the newspaper Le Monde updateForest fires

Publication of an article in the newspaper Le Monde

Etats Sauvages is co-signatory to an opinion piece published in the newspaper Le Monde with Coordination Libre Evolution on the issue of forests and fires 🌳🔥

While beyond a certain strength of fire 🔥 all forests burn, diverse natural forests are more resilient. We believe it is urgent to take these factors into account in fire management and to encourage silvicultural practices that respect biodiversity, particularly in terms of the legal obligation to clear brushwood to avoid moving towards a dramatic impoverishment of our forests. Just as it is essential to preserve a special status for nature reserves.

The article can be found online in the August 17, 2023 edition.

Compromises signed! update

Compromises signed!

Our project is moving forward! 😍🌳
Grâce au soutien de mécènes et des Captains, l'association ETATS SAUVAGES a pu négocier et signer les compromis d'achat de deux nouvelles forêts ! However, nothing is certain yet, as we need to purge the priority rights (pre-emption) of the SAFER and neighbors who may call these acquisitions into question 🌳 🌳 🌳 It will be several months before we validate these projects, and of course we'll keep you informed.

In parallel, we're off in search of a next forest 🌳🦉 🐍 🦋 🦇 🌾🌳 to preserve and need your support 🤝 to continue our actions 💪

🙏 A huge THANK YOU to all the Captains, donors and patrons who support this fine citizen adventure.

A look back at 2022! update

A look back at 2022!

😍 Already 10 hectares of #forests 🌳 🌳 🌳 returned to nature 🌍 
👉 After a 1st #forest acquired in Cantal in 2021, the year 2022 saw the protection of a further 4 hectares in the Vosges. At Etats Sauvages, what mobilizes us 🙌 is first and foremost preserving this threatened living thing around us 🦉 🐍 🦋 🦇 🌾 And 2023 is off to a great start with 2 new reserve projects to come... 👁️‍🗨️ We'll tell you more very soon! 
🙏 A huge THANK YOU to all the Captains, donors and patrons who have enabled us to multiply our means of action by 3.
🤝 Although very young, ETATS SAUVAGES embodies one of the multiple eco-citizen movements mobilized - on its own scale - to convert ecoanxiety 👀 into action 💪🌈 

A huge THANK YOU to all these precious energies that give us faith in the future and contribute to changing the world 🌎 on their own scale!

Towards the acquisition of a third forest updateSoon a third protected forest?

Towards the acquisition of a third forest

Thanks to the support of patrons and the public, we now have the means to seek out our 3rd forest to protect. The ETATS SAUVAGES association has raised part of the funds needed to position itself for a new purchase. As in the Cantal and Vosges, these hectares will be returned to nature, preserving the carbon sinks already present and forest biodiversity. Your support is invaluable in making this new reserve a success, not only through your donations, but also by spreading the word about this project and sharing the small forests for sale with those around you.

In the Vosges, a second forest acquired by ETATS SAUVAGES updateObservation: several stages in the evolution of the Vosges forest coexist

In the Vosges, a second forest acquired by ETATS SAUVAGES

Following the acquisition of a first 5-hectare forest as part of the Forêt Sauvage project in 2021, the ETATS SAUVAGES association has finalized the acquisition of a second 4-hectare forest in the Vosges in spring 2022. An initial study visit was carried out in June, confirming the ecological interest of the plot, which is a mixture of coniferous and deciduous trees. Finally, in July, the team travelled to Cantal for another field trip to the first forest, to carry out a PBI (Potential Biodiversity Index) and identify tree-habitats. By the end of 2022, we hope to have raised enough funds to launch the research, acquisition and preservation of a 3rd forest in France.

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