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Beauval Nature mène des opérations de conservation d'ampleur partout où le monde en a besoin qui permettent de sauvegarder efficacement la biodiversité.

The project

BiodiversityInternational solidarity
Beauval Nature supports conservation and research projects around the world that involve men and women and place them at the heart of biodiversity preservation.
people depend on wildlife and forests for their livelihoods (United Nations)
of animal and plant species are threatened with extinction worldwide (IPBES 2022)
decline in wildlife populations worldwide since 1970 (WWF - Planète Vivante)


The Sustainable Development Goals recognize the importance of biodiversity in reducing poverty. Breaking this vicious circle and improving access to natural resources by protecting and restoring this biodiversity is the role of the NGOs and other players financed by Beauval Nature.

Thus, in all the programs that Beauval Nature runs or supports, local populations are at the heart of change: they have the means to act and get involved, for collaborative and lasting results. Beauval Nature is committed to supporting them so that they can be the actors of their own survival.

The funds raised by Beauval Nature enable us to finance, through field NGOs, the employment of local populations to carry out actions in favor of biodiversity: jobs that are beneficial to nature and therefore to the communities themselves, whose members are informed, feel involved and benefit from a sustainable source of income.

The actions carried out by these guardians of nature are many and varied: monitoring, conservation and protection of the environment.The actions carried out by these nature guardians are numerous: monitoring species and protected areas against poaching and abusive exploitation, cleaning up natural areas and recycling, tree planting, bee-keeping, caring for wildlife in distress, welcoming and guiding ecotourists, tracking and recording individuals, raising awareness among the younger generation, setting up breeding programs, etc.

Support often goes beyond these specific actions, providing comprehensive assistance to foster economic development and access to essential services. For example, with the construction or renovation of schools, support for textbook publishing, support for local crafts and short distribution channels, rebuilding infrastructure following natural disasters, etc.

The money will be used for

  • Engage ecoguards and rangers
  • Support teachers and researchers
  • Train vets and groomers
  • Develop recycling and the circular economy
  • Enable access to essential goods and services
We all have a role to play as guardians of our planet. By ensuring its preservation and protection, we guarantee a sustainable future for generations to come.
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