Training women refugees in the tech industry

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50 € = 1 hour of psychosocial support for a refugee woman
Why we love it?

Sistech's winning bet is to capitalize on the know-how and expertise of refugee women to meet the recruitment needs of the tech sector, while imposing the utmost rigor on the quality of what is offered.

The project

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Sistech is committed to helping refugee women choose a qualified and sustainable professional future that will enable them to achieve economic and social emancipation. Sistech fights the "it's better than nothing" attitude by demanding equal opportunities for all.
women supported in professional integration in the tech sector
of refugee women are still unemployed, 5 years after their arrival in the host country
of refugee women sign a work contract at the end of their journey


Refugee women are twice as unemployed as refugee men, despite being twice as qualified as them in Europe.

In order to change the situation and not let their skills and talents go to waste, Sistech has co-constructed a support program exclusively for displaced women (refugees, asylum seekers and subsidiary and temporary protection) with them. This program takes into account the particularities of the women (dependent children, self-censorship, etc.) combined with obstacles relating to their administrative status (no right to work, no access to private housing, no driving license, no diploma recognition, lack of command of the French language, etc.). 

The money will be used for

Donations will fund: 
- French classes;
- babysitting;
- psychosocial support;
- trips to visit companies and interviews;
- technology and digital training.
It is my hope that one day we will no longer associate a person's skills and social value with the nationality on their passport.
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Josephine Goube
Founder and CEO
Certified by Captain Cause
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