Individual housing and social support to reintegrate the homeless

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Why we love it?

Toit à Moi complements existing solutions that are unfortunately insufficient to provide a satisfactory response to all homeless people: as long as people continue to sleep rough, initiatives such as Toit à Moi will remain indispensable!

The project

Me to offer 5 warm and secure apartments to homeless people
died on the streets in 2023
330 000
are homeless
is the average life expectancy of a homeless person


Toit à Moi was born in Nantes in 2007 out of the desire to help homeless people get off the streets for good, thanks to a citizen movement and the commitment of companies. At its core, a conviction: housing alone is not a satisfactory solution; support is essential.

Its action is based on three components: 
  - individual, dignified housing, a prerequisite for any reintegration;
  - comprehensive, personalized social support to support people in their day-to-day lives, help them with their formalities and build a new life project with them;
  - a network of committed volunteers to weave links and break isolation.

Many "welcomes" 🏡 And it's all thanks to you!
New people, both singles and families, were able to be welcomed into Toit à Moi springboard housing at the start of the year. They will now be able to take the time to build the life they deserve.

For example, we present François (pictured, already well surrounded), who joined Toit à Moi after some very difficult years. In recent months he had been homeless, sleeping at Roissy airport and in a day care center in Meaux. After thirty years as a specialized educator serving children with disabilities, he "submitted to a tumble" that led him to the street. He's happy to be in La Ferté-sous-Jouarre, a small town he really likes. He has a son to whom he is very close, and his new life will help him to have a more regular relationship with him.

There's also Lucas, 19, leaving a welfare structure in Seine-et-Marne.A., also in Seine-et-Marne. Mustafa, 34, Sudanese refugee. Grégoryin Ariège, in his forties, who needs to "find his port". Charlène and her 4-year-old son in Triel-sur-Seine, ... 

The suitcases are packed, new lives can begin! 

Thank you for your invaluable support.
Many "welcomes" 🏡 And it's all thanks to you!
An extra cocoon in Marseille
The Captain Cause mobilization enables us to equip, furnish and fit out our cocoon apartments. It also enables us to give a dignified and comfortable welcome to the people we help to get off the streets.

A new springboard cocoon has just been opened in Marseille, where Toit à Moi now has two units. Since October, an additional person has been supported in this second Marseille cocoon. The Toit à Moi adventure has now enabled more than 150 people to leave the streets for good, and get back on their feet towards a new life project.

Thank you for your support ❤ 
An extra cocoon in Marseille

The money will be used for

Your financial support will enable us to purchase the materials needed to complete the work on 5 new apartments. It will also enable us to acquire the equipment and furniture needed to fit them out. The work and decoration will then be carried out by the association's super volunteers.
My name is Logan, "a guy from the streets". Today I've got my life back and my son back. My story is proof that there is always hope.
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