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Toit à Moi

Toit à Moi

Individual housing and social support to reintegrate the homeless

Social actionPays de la Loire
With 50 €,
Toit à Moi finances:
1 kit(s) consisting of comforter and pillows
3,602 €10,000 €
731 Captains


In France, 300,000 people are homeless. This number has tripled since 2001...

Faced with ever-increasing needs, emergency accommodation facilities are saturated. What's more, the pathway to mainstream housing, which links together different forms of temporary accommodation, does not allow people to feel sufficiently secure about tomorrow to be able to project themselves into the medium term and serenely envisage a path to reintegration

Alternative solutions such as Toit à Moi are therefore absolutely necessary!


Toit à Moi was born in Nantes in 2007 out of the desire to help homeless people get off the streets for good, thanks to a citizen movement and the commitment of companies. At its core, a conviction: housing alone is not a satisfactory solution; support is essential.

Its action is based on three components: 
  - individual, dignified housing, a prerequisite for any reintegration;
  - comprehensive, personalized social support to support people in their day-to-day lives, help them with their formalities and build a new life project with them;
  - a network of committed volunteers to weave links and break isolation.
Toit à Moi primary
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Recent result

In 15 years, Toit à Moi has assisted 113 people and spread its action to 13 other towns in France. 160 volunteers, 2,300 donors and 130 corporate sponsors now place their trust in it.

Already 53 apartments that's 53 households sheltered every year. 10-year goal: 1,000 apartments!

The money will be used for

Your financial support will enable us to purchase the materials needed to complete the work on 5 new apartments. It will also enable us to acquire the equipment and furniture needed to fit them out. The work and decoration will then be carried out by the association's super volunteers.


The aim is to be able to accommodate 5 new households in warm, functional apartments by June 2023. Toit à Moi owns the apartments. This will enable it to subsequently take in other homeless people (3 to 4 on average per apartment over 10 years).
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