Support for women suffering from parental and/or professional burnout

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Burnout is a growing societal problem, underpinned by a host of issues, not least the mental burden borne by women. L'BURN offers a long-term solution to this taboo and omnipresent subject.

The project

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L'BURN aims to prevent burnout by raising awareness and helping women suffering from burnout to rebuild themselves physically and psychologically, define a new life balance and rediscover a fulfilling social and professional life, while limiting the risk of relapse.
French people suffering from burnout in 2022
1 600
supported by L'BURN and 20,000 people reached!
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of women affected by inequality and violence


L'BURN offers an innovative solution by creating the BURN'ettes community, the Maison des BURN'ettes and local relays, a first-of-its-kind initiative in France dedicated to solidarity between women facing parental or professional burnout. Using a holistic approach, the association provides comprehensive support at every stage of the rebuilding process, from initial listening just after the collapse to professional remobilization at the end of the process. The house and relays, co-managed by beneficiaries and professionals, offer workshops, discussion groups, sessions with psychologists, coaches, lawyers and social workers to provide the broadest possible support for all individual situations. 
In addition to the reconstruction program, the association carries out tailored prevention initiatives for companies and the general public, involving peer-help as a fundamental principle, in particular by training individuals and BURN'ettes to become sentinels within their work organizations.

Finally, the association's mission is to coordinate those involved in care in the health, social inclusion and gender equality sectors, as well as to advocate, notably through involvement in various research projects aimed at improving recognition of burnout and changing the law.

The money will be used for

  • Finance a national helpline open to all people who are in the process of suffering burnout and need information, guidance, time for exchange with trained peer-helpers
  • Open new branches in France and thus finance reconstruction support workshops offered to women who have suffered burnout provided by psychologists, sophrologists, legal experts and social workers
  • Finance prevention and awareness-raising campaigns aimed at companies, professionals and the general public
  • Finance scientific research to improve the diagnosis and treatment of burnout
  • Finance advocacy campaigns aimed at changing the law to recognize burnout
Trying to reconcile work, children and home... one day I just collapsed. For 2 years, it was a real obstacle course to get out of it.
Communauté des BURN'ettes logo
Anne-Sophie Vives
Founder and Managing Director
France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Certified by Captain Cause
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