Training women refugees in the tech industry

Refugee women impress recruiters in Paris with their talents

We haven't been bored these past three months at Sistech!!
In April, 24 beneficiaries of our programs, the Fellows, completed our employability program, Boost, in France. We celebrated their success at a networking event in Paris. On this occasion, the Fellows met tech recruiters. Internship and job interviews soon followed! You can read more about these Fellows and the companies whose attention they caught in this press release. Our team in France is already busy planning the next technical training program, Springboard, which starts in October.
But Sistech doesn't just organize programs in France. Our team in Athens recently celebrated the graduation of 20 Fellows who participated in Springboard. They now have a real knowledge of the tech industry. "Team Greece" is also preparing to welcome 45 new Fellows to the Pathway orientation program! Finally, our Milan-based team is in the middle of its own Springboard, with 20 Fellows. These women are full of courage and talent. Their ambition inspires our work.

And this work is possible, in part, thanks to captain donations! So thank you for your support. Don't forget that Sistech is authorized to receive the balance of the apprenticeship tax, and that your companies can pay it now on  Feel free to send an e-mail to [email protected] for more information.

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