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3,207hours of socio-professional support funded
850 difts
10 € = 1 hours of socio-professional support
Why we love it?

It is our duty as a society not to leave any citizen behind. Emmaüs Défi is committed to offering solutions that enable homeless people to reintegrate into the world of work at their own pace, all by collecting and recycling objects: the perfect project to accelerate the social and ecological transition.

The project

InsertionCircular economy
Emmaüs Défi's primary objective is to combat precariousness and social and/or professional exclusion, and to enable everyone to regain their dignity and their place in society through social and professional reintegration. The activities of Emmaüs Défi's integration projects focus mainly on collecting, sorting and recycling donated items.
800 tonnes
are received and collected by Emmaüs Défi, the equivalent of 107 tonnes of CO2 not emitted.
46 %
of employees on integration schemes
have left our integration site with a lasting or transitional job in 2023
have passed through the integration worksite to regain a dignified place in society


Emmaüs Défi is an association with a social integration project whose main activity is the collection, sorting and recycling of donated objects. Its mission is to help people in very precarious situations to find a lasting way out of this situation through these activities. 

The association is founded on these 3 principles: everyone can work, access to a job is an effective means of breaking the spiral of exclusion, and commitment to others is a source of self-esteem. 

The only requirement to be hired in the integration worksite is the desire to work and to be accompanied. Access to a job that adapts to the individual, complemented by support for the person, is the essential lever of the action.

International Family Day
On the occasion of the International Day of the Family, which took place on May 15, we wanted to share with you a testimony from beneficiaries of the Banque Solidaire de l'Equipement. 👫 

In 2008, the Bentahla family moved out of a social hotel into an 11m2. 
Lacking financial means, they couldn't rent any bigger. "Conditions were extreme, we lived next to bedbugs and cockroaches, the apartment was unsanitary." 

Mr Bentahla informed the press and took part in France 5's C dans l'air program to denounce the conditions in which his family lived. 
Requests for housing followed one another, but it was only after 6 years of persistence that they obtained a housing proposal. Within a week, they had moved in. 🏠 

"Today, we live in an 85m2 with our two daughters and 11-month-old son. It's a revolution! Very quickly we had our appointment at the BSE which enabled us to furnish this large apartment which was completely empty. The most important thing was to have a mattress, the microwave and the table." 

Thanks to the Banque Solidaire de l'Equipement, the family was able to transform their apartment into a home where life was good, with their limited budget of 337€. 

"The children can invite their friends. Malek will soon be celebrating his birthday with his school friends. At Christmas, we invited our family for dinner, at home, around our table, it was wonderful." ✨ 
International Family Day
Nelly's testimonial
"Just having a salary changes everything. Now I can provide for my children". - Nelly

Nelly is an Emmaüs Campüs employee working in the textile workshop. She is trained and supported by her technical supervisor and vocational integration advisor. The latter helps Nelly with administrative formalities and housing. 🏠 Thanks to her dynamism and professionalism, Nelly was able to take a training course in catering, giving her new professional experience and skills that will be very useful for the rest of her career. ✨

"Nelly is a very strong-willed person, who gives herself the means to achieve her goals. I'm convinced that she'll get out of the job quickly". - Emma, technical supervisor

Today, the supervisory team's mission is to find permanent accommodation for Nelly and her family. After that, the aim will be to find a stimulating job with good prospects. 🙌

"Things are going well here, because when you work somewhere where the atmosphere isn't good, you lose heart and can't fit in. But here, it's like a family." - Nelly 
Nelly's testimonial

The money will be used for

- Continue to support employees in social integration towards socio-professional reintegration and a dynamic exit.
- Ensure the operating costs of our structure, and the development of new projects 
- Continue and increase the revalorization of second-hand objects and give them a new life. 
- Carry out renovation work and equipment purchases to professionalize our activity.
Successful accompaniment isn't just about someone finding a job. The key is to listen, to make them feel that you believe in them, and not to pass judgment.
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Emmaüs Défi is a member of the Captain Cause 2024 gems selection, thus guaranteeing its status as a certified association by meeting six criteria.
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