A program for professional integration through second-hand

207 tonnes of CO2 saved thanks to your donations! update

207 tonnes of CO2 saved thanks to your donations!

In 2023, many of you have put your trust in us and played the circular economy game! 🌟 

Whether it was to support the people in great precariousness whom we accompany on a daily basis, or for ecological convictions, it was nearly 948 tons of objects that we collected. 💪 
Among these, 538 tonnes of objects were reused, 365 tonnes of which were donated to partner associations or recycled. ♻️ 

This representsthe saving of 140 round-trip Paris-New York flights!
These results would not be possible without the work of our employees on integration schemes.
In fact, they are the ones who collected, sorted and sold all these tons of items! The work they do, every day, on our integration site is accompanied by our help so that they can meet the many challenges they face. 🤝 

Thanks to the donations we receive every day, we're able to support employees on integration schemes towards a new stage in their lives, far from precariousness. This involves promoting a return to employment to rebuild confidence and autonomy, but also, supporting them in their efforts to access healthcare and dignified housing to guarantee a decent life. 🏠 
It's your donations that enable us to support employees on integration schemes on a daily basis, so thank you! 🎉 

Restoring confidence through work: the First Hours Scheme update

Restoring confidence through work: the First Hours Scheme

When Emmaüs Défi was founded in 2007, one thing became clear to us: a conventional employment contract is not suitable for people living on the streets. 
🤝 To address this issue Emmaüs Défi created the Premières Heures Scheme, a program that adapts work to the person and not the other way around. 
🚛 Beneficiaries of this scheme are supervised by a specialized educator who supports them in their professional activities, such as sorting and collecting objects.
The Premières Heures scheme enables people to reintegrate into the world of work little by little, thanks to a rhythm that adapts to the individual. 
The beneficiaries are also supported in several areas, notably administrative: applying for papers, opening a bank account and financial management.
🏠The Premières Heures scheme also offers, to employees, support in accessing housing and learning French. The primary objective is to give beneficiaries all the keys they need to secure the next step in their career. 
🎯The educator dedicated to this scheme has already supported 7 people, for almost 3,063 hours. All this work has boosted their self-confidence and prepared them for reintegration into society. 
 🙌 In 2023, a beneficiary joined our integration site as an employee, with a 26-hour contract. He now benefits from a supervisor and a Conseiller en Insertion Professionnelle (CIP).
A success that testifies to the effectiveness of the Premières Heures scheme!

International Family Day update

International Family Day

On the occasion of the International Day of the Family, which took place on May 15, we wanted to share with you a testimony from beneficiaries of the Banque Solidaire de l'Equipement. 👫 
In 2008, the Bentahla family moved out of a social hotel into an 11m2. 
Lacking financial means, they couldn't rent any bigger. "Conditions were extreme, we lived next to bedbugs and cockroaches, the apartment was unsanitary." 

Mr Bentahla informed the press and took part in France 5's C dans l'air program to denounce the conditions in which his family lived. 
Requests for housing followed one another, but it was only after 6 years of persistence that they obtained a housing proposal. Within a week, they had moved in. 🏠 
"Today, we live in an 85m2 with our two daughters and 11-month-old son. It's a revolution! Very quickly we had our appointment at the BSE which enabled us to furnish this large apartment which was completely empty. The most important thing was to have a mattress, the microwave and the table." 
Thanks to the Banque Solidaire de l'Equipement, the family was able to transform their apartment into a home where life was good, with their limited budget of 337€. 
"The children can invite their friends. Malek will soon be celebrating his birthday with his school friends. At Christmas, we invited our family for dinner, at home, around our table, it was wonderful." ✨ 

Nelly's testimonial update

Nelly's testimonial

"Just having a salary changes everything. Now I can provide for my children". - Nelly

Nelly is an Emmaüs Campüs employee working in the textile workshop. She is trained and supported by her technical supervisor and vocational integration advisor. The latter helps Nelly with administrative formalities and housing. 🏠 Thanks to her dynamism and professionalism, Nelly was able to take a training course in catering, giving her new professional experience and skills that will be very useful for the rest of her career. ✨
"Nelly is a very strong-willed person, who gives herself the means to achieve her goals. I'm convinced that she'll get out of the job quickly". - Emma, technical supervisor
Today, the supervisory team's mission is to find permanent accommodation for Nelly and her family. After that, the aim will be to find a stimulating job with good prospects. 🙌

"Things are going well here, because when you work somewhere where the atmosphere isn't good, you lose heart and can't fit in. But here, it's like a family." - Nelly 

A vintage and solidarity sale update

A vintage and solidarity sale

Emmaüs Campüs held a special sale at BHV Paris!   🌟 
This sale was an opportunity for Emmaüs Campüs to reach out to a new clientele and enable employees on integration schemes to work in a new environment.This event also gave our employees the opportunity to work differently, in new premises and with a wider and more important public. It was an opportunity for them to professionalize themselves in a business context they were unfamiliar with.  🙌 
The sale also enabled Emmaüs Campüs to reach a wider clientele and therefore to raise awareness among as many people as possible about our mission: to combat precariousness and widespread exclusion through work, particularly student precariousness, thanks to special sales for students and the professional reintegration of young workers.  🎓 
Thanks to this sale, customers.e.s were able to make good bargains and also contributed to the life of Emmaüs Campüs thanks to the donations we were able to receive. 
In fact, all donations enable technical supervisors to support employees.
We would like to thank the BHV for organizing this event with Emmaüs Campüs!  👏 

Giving a second life to the less fortunate update

Giving a second life to the less fortunate

When a person decides to donate to Emmaüs Défi, they offer the opportunity for Célestine, Yakhoub, Adel and hundreds of other people far from employment to (re)find work.  🧑‍🤝‍🧑 
Every donation represents a chance for our employees in integration to open the doors to a more promising future. They are the artisans behind every item collected, sorted and offered for sale in our ressourceries. 
And let's not forget our operational and support teams, who are the backbone of our social mission.  🙌 
Generosity creates jobs, enables personalized support, develops professional skills and restores confidence to our employees 
Every donation helps build a more caring society, where everyone can realize their full potential!  🤲 

Set course for the crew! update

Set course for the crew!

Created in 2017 by Emmaüs Défi, L'Equipage is a work-integration company enabling employees to train in the transport and logistics professions.  🚛 
With its fleet of 20m3 trucks and refrigerated vehicles, L'Equipage provides its customers with a delivery service throughout the Ile de France region.Its aim is to offer a highly professionalizing activity, in a buoyant economic sector, to encourage a return to employment. 
In addition to their training within l'Equipage, employees.e.s have access to PMSMP (période de mise en situation en milieu professionnel) carried out at partner companies.  🤝 
🙌 What are their missions? 
At their warehouse in Rungis, a team of 21 employees supported on a daily basis by a management and support manager and a logistics operations manager work every day for various organizations. 
Each year, l'Equipage is: 
  • 150 neighborhood solidarity collections on behalf of eco-organizations 
  • 300 pieces of furniture delivered for customers.e.s of our Riquet ressourcerie 
  • Storage and preparation and delivery of orders for beneficiaries of the Banque Solidaire de l'Equipement. 
  • 20 tons of unsold food donated and 140,000 meals distributed for the Baluchon solidarity caterer 

From thread to needle to job: the story of Khaibar update

From thread to needle to job: the story of Khaibar

One year ago, our upcycling workshop, Les ReCréateurs, welcomed Khaibar as a seamstress.  🧵 
Passionate and already experienced in sewing, Khaibar was able to benefit from the support and guidance of his technical supervisor and vocational integration advisor. In this way, he was able to overcome the many obstacles our employees face in finding a dignified place in society. 
To ensure Khaibar's integration, his advisor helped him take French courses, complete his administrative formalities and find permanent accommodation.  🧑‍🤝‍🧑 
As for the ReCréateurs, they enabled her to deepen her skills and learn new sewing techniques. 
During her year at Emmaüs Défi, Khaibar had the opportunity to take part in significant projects such as La Semaine des Autres Modes, the Maison et Objet trade show and the fashion show at Galerie du 19M.  🌟 
Today, Khaibar is integrating a prestigious qualifying training program as a couturier at the La Fabrique Nomade which works to enhance and promote the professional integration of migrant and refugee art craftspeople in France. 
Khaibar has had a rich year that has enabled him to rebuild his life and find this opportunity for the next stage of his professional career. 
Congratulations Khaibar!  👏 

"Karima, portrait of the first employee to drive a truck at Emmaüs Défi". update

"Karima, portrait of the first employee to drive a truck at Emmaüs Défi".

Karima is proof that women can access any position, even in sectors still considered too masculine. 👊 
When Karima was offered the chance to drive a collection truck for the first time by her technical supervisor, it was with a mixture of apprehension and curiosity that she accepted the challenge. But it was soon a revelation!" 
The support, guidance and confidence of the team at our Cap18 site helped her to take the plunge: "I learned with Emmaüs Campüs. The teams were very available and welcoming, which made it easier for me to learn."  🙌 
Today, Karima proudly travels the roads of Paris behind the wheel of her truck to collect your donations! 
Her story is not an isolated one. Every year, we accompany women into professions that are sometimes predominantly male, such as materials handling and logistics.
At a time when women account for just 20% of the workforce in these sectors, let's take inspiration from her journey and her determination.
Let's encourage female vocations in sectors where they are underrepresented. 🙋

From shadow to light, a fashion show by Les ReCréateurs update

From shadow to light, a fashion show by Les ReCréateurs

 Les RecRéateurs : 
 👗 The mission of Les ReCréateurs sewing workshop is to give a second life to textile scraps. Employees on work-integration schemes offer unique creations, fostering their imagination and self-esteem through the making of upcycling pieces. 

The Fashion Show: 
 ♻️ In early February, our employees on work-integration schemes had the opportunity to bring their creations to life by organizing an incredible fashion show, presenting Les ReCréateurs' first upcycled collection.
Thanks to this ambitious project, guests were able to discover 28 unique creations, imagined and designed by Les ReCréateurs' employees from donated fabric scraps. 
This fashion show was also, and above all, an opportunity for our employees to tell the story of their journey to rebuild their lives following social exclusion. 
To achieve this, LesReCréateurs imagined a fashion show in three stages. While the show begins with very dark pieces, reflecting social and professional exclusion, lighter and lighter outfits make their appearance to, finally, give way to bright, vividly colored creations. 
Gradually, the outfits explode in a firework display of color, drawing women and men regaining confidence in their potential and in a more positive future. ✨ 

 🙌 From shadow to light, their life's journey is sublimated by the talent and creativity of our couturier.es. 
A true ode to hope celebrating our first mission: to bring every employee.e.s in integration to reconcile with themselves and celebrate their progress, revealing their full potential.
A big bravo to them for this immense achievement!  👏

Our year 2023 in review update

Our year 2023 in review

With 2024 already well underway, we'd like to take a look back at our year 2023, which couldn't have been such a success without the support of our partners and the hard work of our teams.
In 2023, 279 employeeson integration passed through our integration worksite (+13%).
Training is a very important part of the reintegration of our employees.In 2023, 208 of them benefited from training (+49%).
Finally, we saw 46% of our employees leave us for sustainable employment (CDD or CDI), an entrepreneurial project or retirement (+84%).

Behind these figures are women and men who have been able to reconcile with themselves and regain confidence in themselves and their professional abilities. They can now look forward to a positive future, full of new opportunities.
We owe this success to our teams, who work with our employees on a daily basis to ensure their professionalization and professional and/or social reintegration. We also owe this success to our collaborations in the fields of health, employment and housing, all of which are vital to the successful reintegration of our employees.
We would like to thank all our operational and support teams, as well as our partners, for helping us to achieve our primary objective of helping the most excluded people to find their place in society. 
We would like to thank all our partners for helping us to achieve our primary objective of helping the most excluded people to find their place in society.  We would like to thank all our partners for helping us to achieve our primary objective of helping the most excluded people to find their place in society.

"Remember to love update

"Remember to love

As the Fondation Abbé Pierre unveiled its 29th report on the state of inadequate housing in France, announcing that 300,000 people would be homeless by 2023 and that there were 4 million inadequately housed people, Emmaüs Défi and the other Ile-de-France Emmaüs structures marched this Thursday, February 1, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Abbé Pierre's call for solidarity.
🧤 In collaboration with Label Emmaüs, Parisian Emmaüs are calling for solidarity to help those on the streets! From February 1 to 10, we're organizing a collection to donate warm equipment (blankets, comforters, warm clothes, ...) which will then be redistributed to the homeless during marauding events.
We can all do our bit to bring a little human warmth and mutual aid to those suffering from extreme hardship. Every act counts: solidarity is a real collective force! Together, let's awaken our power to act! 
🎙️ "You who are suffering, whoever you are, come in, sleep, eat, regain hope, here we love you."  

Emmaüs Campus to welcome 30 trainees by June 2024! update

Emmaüs Campus to welcome 30 trainees by June 2024!

Emmaüs Campus, created by Emmaüs Défi in 2021, is a work integration site dedicated to young people experiencing exclusion. 
A youth strategy has been put in place, in particular to encourage the immersion of students in our work integration site and to promote exchanges between them and our work integration employees.To this end, Emmaüs Campus has set up partnerships with several schools, enabling Emmaüs Campus to host around 30 students on work placements by June 2024. 
During their work placements, students will have the opportunity to take part in the worksite's missions, in particular the collection, sorting and sale of donations. Thanks to this immersion, students will be able to discover the associative world, in particular workcamps, awaken their commitment and become aware of the issues of extreme precariousness. 
A great opportunity to become an actor of change and of one's professional and personal career path!

ReCréateurs at Maison et Objet! update

ReCréateurs at Maison et Objet!

The mission of the Les ReCréateurs sewing workshop is to give a second life to textile scraps and clothing that cannot be resold. Employees on integration schemes offer unique creations, fostering their imagination and self-esteem through the making of unique, useful and aesthetically pleasing products. ReCréateurs' products can be ordered by professionals or are original creations sold in our ressourceries. 
The Maison et Objet show: 
The Maison et Objet show and the ReCréateurs have joined forces in an innovative, artistic and committed creative project!  
Thanks to this project, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Alice in Wonderland! Using light effects and unique creations, the ReCréateurs have succeeded in creating a fantastic space between dream and reality, inspired by the world of Tim Burton. During this event, the ReCréateurs and the furniture workshop created a rest area entirely fitted out with upcycled furniture salvaged from the previous edition of the show.  
This space was imagined around the world of Alice in Wonderland to illustrate the parallel between the rebuilding of employees in integration thanks to the integration worksite after having experienced great precariousness and the rebuilding of Alice in this marvelous country after the death of her father. 
This project is a perfect illustration of the ReCréateurs' objective of recycling objects and creating new things. 
Once again, our employees have imagined and produced exceptional creations. Well done to them!

🌟 Emmaüs Défi's Super Christmas: a collective success update

🌟 Emmaüs Défi's Super Christmas: a collective success

A look back at our traditional Super Christmas which took place on Saturday, December 02 in our stores at Riquet and CentQuatre. 
📅 On the program we had: 
  • The Monty Pistons brass band; 
  • Distributions of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate;
  • Distributions of pastries, chocolates and confectionery;
  • Two board game stands hosted by volunteers from Espace 19 ;
  • A photo booth ;
  • And toys by the thousands!

🤝 To make the magic of Christmas happen, a hundred volunteers were mobilized alongside our employees to make this day a moment of sharing and solidarity. A big thank you to them!
🙏 We'd also like to thank our partners, who have mobilized over the last few weeks, whether through volunteer hours sorting, labeling and putting donations in stores, or through the organization of collections of new and second-hand toys and games. 
🎁 Thanks to your commitment, we were able to collect 50 pallets of new toys and 4.5 tons of second-hand toys. As a result, over 5,000 families were able to benefit from quality toys at very affordable prices.
Thank you once again for your support, and we look forward to seeing you next year for a new, even more supportive edition! 

A new Emmaüs Campüs boutique in the 5th arrondissement of Paris! update

A new Emmaüs Campüs boutique in the 5th arrondissement of Paris!

Born in 2021, the Emmaüs Défi project continues to grow with the opening of a new boutique on September 27 in the Césure third-place. 

After 2 years of existence, the projectEmmaüs Campüs opens its 3rd boutique on September 27!

The project

Supported by Plateau Urbain in partnership with Yes We Camp, the former Sorbonne-Nouvelle Censier campus becomes Césure. This tiers-lieu focuses on the transmission of knowledge and know-how, pending its rehabilitation by EPAURIF.
Emmaüs Campüs will share the space of the university's former small library with Yes We Camp. The association will run a cantine engagé offering mainly local products. The store occupies a 380m² space. It serves as asolidarity boutique, donation collection point and sorting center. 

Personalized support

The opening of this new boutique will welcome 20 new employees.e.s en parcours d'insertion. The employees are in charge of receiving donations in the boutique, sorting these donations, stocking shelves, advising and cashing customers. Everyone receives support in the areas of housing, health, training and employment. Ultimately, the aim is to stabilize their life paths for the future.
What can you find there?

Everyone can find clothes and accessories, crockery, knick-knacks, books, toys and small electronics. The boutique also offers continuous promotions for under-30s and students. In fact, this is the basis of the Emmaüs Campüs project: responding to the challenges of precariousness among young people.
Place for student life

This space shared with the Yes We Camp canteen is intended to become a real place to live. Our aim is to grow the project with and for students. Ultimately, the aim is to respond together to the problem of student precariousness. To this end, we have already set up a number of partnerships with various student-related associations, such as Délivr'Aide and Cop1. We want to go even further with this new space.
The former Sorbonne Nouvelle University campus is still home to over 2,000 students on a daily basis. This makes it the perfect place to go and meet them and mobilize them around our issues.

The store is open Wednesday to Saturday from 12pm to 7pm.
Come and browse or drop off your donations!

The Christmas season is underway! update

The Christmas season is underway!

On December 2, Emmaüs Défi is organizing its Super Christmas.

As it does every year, Emmaüs Défi is committed to offering a hybrid (new/used) range of games and toys in its various ressourceries, so that our customers can benefit from a variety of good-quality products.
To make the magic of Christmas happen again this year, Emmaüs Défi is calling on its partners to donate new items or organize collections of second-hand toys. 
This special sale is a flagship event for the association, and its purpose is to offer games and toys at low prices to low-income families, and to bring our social mission to life.  
If you are interested in this scheme, please do not hesitate to contact Hugo Lépée ([email protected]), our partnership and development manager. 

Perspective d'une rentrée haute en couleur update

Perspective d'une rentrée haute en couleur

Le 21 Août 2023, après trois semaines de repos bien méritées pour les salarié.e.s en insertion et permanent.e.s d'Emmaüs Défi, la rentrée se fera sous le signe de la réussite.
Emmaüs Défi organise sa Super Rentrée annuelle ! 
Le 30 Août 2023, le site de Riquet (19ème) accueillera une nouvelle Super Rentrée avec pour objectif de vendre des fournitures scolaires à tout petit prix à des personnes à faibles revenus. 

Pour les boutiques de Campüs situées à Grands Moulins et au forum des Halles, la Super Rentrée se fera du 2 au 30 Septembre.

Emmaüs Campüs ouvre une nouvelle boutique solidaire à Césure (5e arrondissement de Paris) le 27 septembre !

L'ancien site de l’université Sorbonne-Nouvelle est transformé en tiers-lieu géré par Plateau Urbain et Yes We Camp, en attendant la réhabilitation du bâtiment par l'EPAURIF. L'équipe de Convergence Grand Paris y a déjà ses bureaux.
Ainsi, 20 nouveaux salarié.e.s en insertion intégreront le chantier d'Emmaüs Campüs.
Cet espace de 380m² sera partagé avec la cantine engagée et locale de Yes We Camp.
Collab' les ReCréateurs & Maisons du Monde
Maisons du Monde et l'atelier des ReCréateurs s'associent pour créer quatre pièces exclusives de design upcyclées à partir de chutes de textiles provenant de Maisons du Monde. Ces pièces seront exposées dans la vitrine du showroom Maisons du Monde, 100 rue du Bac, Paris 7ème, du 7 au 16 septembre 2023. Ce projet est une belle illustration du partenariat entre Maisons du Monde et Emmaüs Défi, qui travaillent ensemble depuis plusieurs années pour réduire l'impact environnemental de la fabrication des produits et pour favoriser l'insertion sociale des personnes en difficulté. Les pièces seront exposées dans le cadre de la Paris Design Week, un événement qui met en lumière le meilleur du design français et international. Un projet d'envergure valorisant pour nos salarié.e.s en insertion. Bravo à eux.elles !

Les solidarités en 2022 chez Emmaüs Défi  update

Les solidarités en 2022 chez Emmaüs Défi

Solidarités externes 
"On ne donne pas ce qu'on possède, on ne possède que ce qu'on est capable de donner ; sinon, on est possédé."
Toujours dans la lignée de l'Abbé Pierre, le don est aussi dans notre ADN. Chaque semaine, nous donnons des vêtements à des associations qui les distribuent à des personnes sans-abris comme Utopia 56, la Communauté de Trappes, le Vestiaire 18 ou encore les Petit Dej Eole. Les vêtements donnés sont triés et préparés par les salariés du Dispositif Premières Heures. 
Au travers de la Banque Solidaire de l’Equipement, nous donnons aussi des invendus neufs mis à disposition par des partenaires entreprise que nous ne sommes pas en mesure de proposer à nos bénéficiaires. Nous les donnons à d’autres associations du Mouvement Emmaüs ou encore à des associations « externes » comme les Restos du Cœur ou l'Agence du don en nature. 
En 2022 : 
Envoi à Calais de 3 semi-remorques de vêtements en partenariat avec d’autres Emmaüs 
10 tonnes de vêtements donnés à des associations parisiennes 
700 palettes d’invendus neufs donnés par la Banque Solidaire de l’Equipement 
Emmaüs Défi, désormais membre d’Emmaüs International
Emmaüs Défi est membre d’Emmaüs International depuis 2022. Emmaüs International sert d’organe de liaison et d’entraide mutuelle entre les membres à travers le monde. 425 organisations locales sont présentes dans 41 pays sur les 4 continents.
En mai 2022, Emmaüs International a organisé sa 14e Assemblée Mondiale en Uruguay. A l’occasion de cette assemblée, 385 participants étaient présents et un programme très complet était prévu : hommage à l’abbé Pierre en face du Rio de la Plata, débats en plénière et ateliers pour construire les orientations du Mouvement, des temps de réflexion et d’échanges, modifications statutaires adoptées en Assemblée Générale, etc.
En tant qu’organisation membre d’Emmaüs International, nous devons participer à des solidarités communes :  une vente annuelle de solidarité est réalisée et les recettes sont versées intégralement à Emmaüs International. Cette vente annuelle, réalisée par l’ensemble des membres d’Emmaüs International, constitue leur principale ressource pour mettre en œuvre leurs programmes de solidarité. En 2022, nous avons pu reverser 13 699€ pour Emmaüs International.

Emmaüs Défi vous remercie !

Découvrez la vidéo de voeux d'Emmaüs Défi.

Bilan de l'année 2022 update

Bilan de l'année 2022

En 2022, nous avons accompagné 248 salariés en insertion contre 199 en 2021. Cette augmentation s'explique par la création d'un nouveau pôle, l'extension de notre chantier d'insertion avec des nouvelles boutiques, site de tri, etc. Sur les 48 sorties des salariés prises en compte, 31% ont bénéficié de sorties dynamiques (emploi durable : CDI, CDD de plus de 6 mois, création d'entreprise, CDD de moins de 6 mois hors IEA, formation, retraite).
En 2022, nous avons réorganisé le système de vente correspondant à la création d'équipes de vente et de caisse dédiées. Cette nouvelle organisation permet notamment de former les salariées en insertion aux métiers de caissiers, conseillers vendeurs et merchandiseurs pour rendre plus accessibles les sorties dynamiques vers l'emploi. Aussi, nous avons amélioré notre système de traçabilité, en investissant dans de meilleurs outils de pesée, des logiciels plus adaptés à notre structure de flux, renforcer la formation et la sensibilité auprès des salariés en insertion quant à l'importance de tracer nos flux rigoureusement. 
Parallèlement, nous avons étendu notre chantier d'insertion avec la création d'Emmaüs Campüs. L'enjeu du projet Emmaüs Campüs est ainsi de permettre à plusieurs dizaines de nouvelles personnes très éloignées de l'emploi de bénéficier d'un poste en insertion, tout en faisant bénéficier les étudiants de tarifs privilégiés et d'une offre de produits adaptée et accessible. Nous avons organisé des ventes directement sur les campus universitaires pour être au plus près du public que nous souhaitons aider, avec des promotions à -50% pour tous les jeunes de -26 ans et étudiants.

Un accompagnement renforcé pour les salariés en insertion update

Un accompagnement renforcé pour les salariés en insertion

Depuis le lancement des premières campagnes, nous avons pu renforcer l'accompagnement reçu par les salariés en parcours d'insertion. En effet, notre objectif est de pouvoir assurer notre activité opérationnelle et d'accompagnement auprès des salariés. L'accompagnement proposé par Emmaüs Défi est un accompagnement très personnalisé. Chaque parcours étant considéré comme unique, il importe à tous les Conseillers en Insertion Professionnelle (CIP) d'établir un diagnostic ainsi qu'un lien de confiance qui se créera lors de ce moment privilégié. Le but du programme est d'amener le maximum de personnes vers une sortie durable, notamment au niveau professionnel, mais aussi en termes de santé, logement et accès aux droits. A cette date, nous accompagnons 165 salariés en situation d'exclusion à retrouver une place digne dans la société. A titre d'exemple, en 2021 sur les 199 salariés accompagnés, 177 rencontraient un problème de logement, 94 de santé , 105 illettrisme, analphabétisme ou français langue étrangère. Cette même année, la poursuite des permanences numériques a permis aux participants d'améliorer leurs connaissances de l'outil informatique pour la gestion courante des démarches administratives. Nous pourrons vous communiquer en 2022, le nombre de sortie qualifiée de dynamique : sortie en emploi durable, en emploi de transition et positive.

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