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Reducing waste through participatory science

SensibilizationCircular economyProvence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
With 400 €,
MerTerre finances:
1 new school(s) supported by the Adopt'1 Spot program
3,650 €6,000 €
58 Captains


Every year, up to 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans and 80% of this waste found at sea comes from land. As the ocean is the primary climate regulator, preserving marine ecosystems also means fighting global warming.

To take action and implement appropriate and effective public policies, we need to better understand this pollution: data on waste collected during clean-up operations are invaluable and enable us to trace waste back to its origin in order to draw up recommendations. It is also essential to involve the younger generations to raise their awareness of this pollution and prevent the same mistakes from being made again.


To meet this dual challenge, MerTerre has developed the participatory science program Adopt'1 Spot: a central tool of the Zéro Déchet Sauvage collaborative platform. Thanks to regular pick-ups, this program makes it possible toprotect fragile locations subject to chronic pollution and monitor this issue by collecting reliable data on the waste collected.

Through its educational component, Adopt'1 Spot also makes it possible toraise awareness in a fun way among schoolchildren (schools, collèges, lycées, leisure centers, etc.), introducing them to the scientific approach in the field and making them aware of their ability to protect the environment.
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Recent result

Adopt'1 Spot is already 150 spots created, half of which are adopted (monitored, cleaned, preserved). 

56 structures participating in the program, including 8 schools.

338 collections have been made, freeing nature of 220m3 and more than 25 tons of waste.

More than 8,500 people made aware and already a hundred schoolchildren.

The money will be used for

The sum raised will strengthen the educational aspect of the Adopt'1 Spot program and offer customized support to schools, middle schools and high schools: awareness-raising, on-site waste characterization, coordination of collections, equipment, etc.


Mi 2023: Accompany a dozen educational structures in classrooms and in the field. 

End 2023: A thousand schoolchildren made aware. 
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