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Environmental awareness workshops at school

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The 6th mass extinction of species is accelerating: 1 plant or animal species disappears every 20 minutes. A truckload of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean every minute and 90% of seabirds have fragments of plastic waste in their stomachs.

We are convinced that young people are the main lever for change in the ecological transition: 91% of parents make their purchasing decisions based on their children and 1 in 2 parents takes their children's opinions into account in their ecological behavior.


For all these reasons, GreenMinded has developed Les GreenMakers: a environmental education program, from CP to Terminale, delivered in volunteer schools across France.

It consists of an initial theoretical and participative awareness-raising period on zero waste or biodiversity, followed by a practical, fun workshop. Among the practical workshops: beehives for solitary bees, melliferous flower seed bombs, grease balls for birds, composting, straw earth construction, sorting gestures, waste collection, etc.
GreenMinded primary

Recent result

Already 3000 students made aware by GreenMinded during the program's pilot phase.

The money will be used for

The amounts raised will cover travel and mission expenses, personnel costs as well as supplies for workshops conducted in schools.


GreenMinded hopes to reach 15,000 students over the course of the program.
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