Waste collection to raise awareness among schoolchildren

Citizen revolution on the Huveaune: Seasters take up the challenge update

Citizen revolution on the Huveaune: Seasters take up the challenge

On April 15, 2024, on the Huveaune beach, the Seasters carried out a noble mission. Under the leadership of Mélanie Sergent, founder of the association La Casse aux Trésors, a determined team undertook an exceptional clean-up.
The MerTerre team was reinforced by sixty students and a fifteen. d'accompagnants from the écoles Canet Larousse and Canet Jean Jaurès. Curious young minds, from CP to CM2, joined in this civic adventure.
The day wasn't just a collection of debris. It was also a lesson of awareness. The students, prepared in class by Mélanie, were aware of the health issues linked to plastic waste and had explored recycling and upcycling, an approach promoted by La Casse aux Trésors.
The aim was twofold: to raise awareness of the problem of waste abandoned and to give a new life to this debris by seeing it as resources potential. For many children, this was their first discovery of the sand, water and garbage littering the shoreline. Initial excitement soon gave way to enthusiasm and determination. The pupils, disciplined and committed, shared this moment with joy.
Thank you to our Captains for their commitment. The next talks, scheduled for May 6 and 7, promise to be just as rewarding. The Seasters' quest continues as long as there are still treasures to be discovered among the garbage.

The dazzling progress of the Adopt'1 Spot program at Collège Pont de Vivaux update

The dazzling progress of the Adopt'1 Spot program at Collège Pont de Vivaux

On Thursday, February 1, 2024, the MerTerre association, represented by Vincent Lelièvre, Clémentine Tacchino and Sibel Bagci, rallied alongside pupilsfrom Collège Pont de Vivauxfor their first classroom session of the Adopt'1 Spot program.
This intervention marked the start of a rewarding journey for a class of 5th graders. The aim: to raise the students' awareness of the problem of diffuse waste, illustrate its impacts on marine and human biodiversity, and introduce them to rigorous waste monitoring at a site close to their hearts, the Pont de Vivaux racecourse.
The students' commitment was evident from this first session, with an impressive level of participation. Each question raised demonstrated their interest and willingness to take action to preserve their environment.
On Friday, February 2, 2024, this momentum continued with the first collection at the Pont de Vivaux Hippodrome spot for the 5th grade. After a week of fine weather in Marseille, the students had the opportunity to access the waterway directly with waders, arousing their attention and arousing their curiosity. The majority of students were present and eager to discover the quantity of garbage collected in order to compare their data with peers.
On Thursday, March 21, 2024, during the second classroom session, the group returned to the data from the first collection made. Based on this information,collective intelligence workshops were organized to consider concrete actions to reduce the amount of waste on the site. The students proposed an awareness campaign within the college and the racecourse, notably through educational placards. In addition, a letter was written to the brands most present at the first collection, encouraging them to set up a deposit system.
The class, as dynamic as ever, kept up the momentum at the third session, on Thursday March 28, 2024. This time, the focus was on concretizing the ideas formulated in the previous session. Large awareness posters were made and will be exhibited on the garbage cans around the college and the racecourse. In addition, the letter addressed to the major brands for the implementation of a deposit system has been finalized.
On Friday, March 29, 2024, the students carried out their second collection with renewed energy. After learning about the results of the first pickup, they were determined to continue their efforts to clean up their environment. The session went off very efficiently, and the students were enthusiastic about comparing their results with those of their previous intervention.
The commitment deployed by the Collège Pont de Vivaux students testifies to their deep commitment to preserving the environment. These successive sessions demonstrate the effectiveness and relevance of the Adopt'1 Spot program in raising awareness among younger generations and encouraging concrete action for a more sustainable future.

Adopt'1 Spot: Second waste collection session with Lycée Arthaud update

Adopt'1 Spot: Second waste collection session with Lycée Arthaud

OnThursday, March 14, 2024, another defining day became part of the chronicle of the spot des Bengalis, in association with the Epage Huca and the Lycée Artaud. This collaboration was a significant milestone in the fight against marine pollution, underlining the unwavering commitment of young people and the need for collective action to preserve our aquatic ecosystems.

The association MerTerre, represented by Vincent Lelièvre, Clémentine Tacchino and Sibel Bagci, mobilized alongside 20 second-year students from Lycée Artaud. The event was part of a partnership aimed at raising awareness and taking concrete action against litter abandoned in the marine environment, illustrating the determination of local players to take part in this noble cause.
After an initial briefing on the day's objectives, participants were brought together for a detailed presentation on the problem of litter in the marine environment. Powerful images and revealing statistics are shared toraise students' awareness of the urgency of the situation. The origin of waste, its impact on marine life and ecosystems, and the importance of collective action are highlighted. Students are encouraged to ask questions and share their thoughts on the subject.
Once sensitized, participants are divided into teams and equipped with sorting bags of different colors to facilitate the selective collection of waste.Instructions are clear and everyone knows what type of waste they need to collect. For an hour and a half, the students roam the riverbanks, diligently picking up the detritus littering the ground.

Once the bags are full, the teams regroup for a waste characterization phase. Under the supervision of supervisors, students sort and classify waste into different categories, noting its nature and quantity. This stage provides a better understanding of the composition of the waste present on the site and raises awareness of the impact of pollution on the environment.

This event comes shortly after a period of torrential rain that hit the region. Of the 355 liters of waste collected, totaling41 kg, a significant proportion of220 liters (weighing 22 kg) consisted of plastics. This striking finding highlights the extent of plastic pollution on the berges du Jaret. Other waste includes metal cans, broken glass and various bulky items.
These figures, while worrying, reinforce the need for ongoing action to preserve the region's fragile ecosystem. The students, faced with the concrete results of their work, feel both a sense of satisfaction at having contributed to environmental protection and a sense of urgency to continue efforts to reduce marine pollution.

Adopt'1 Spot: A look back at waste collection with Lycée Arthaud update

Adopt'1 Spot: A look back at waste collection with Lycée Arthaud

On Thursday, January 25, 2024, a crucial action was carried out at the river bank of the Jarret, thanks to the collaboration between the MerTerre association and the Lycée Artaud. The event marked a significant step forward in the fight against marine pollution, highlighting the commitment of young people and the need for collective action.
The association MerTerre, represented by Vincent Lelièvre, Melvin Perrottet and Clémentine Tacchino, mobilized alongside 20 second-year students from Lycée Artaud. This initiative is part of a partnership aimed at raising awareness and taking concrete action against litter abandoned in the marine environment.
The event began with a dynamic presentation by the team, followed by an in-depth awareness-raising on the issue of litter in the marine environment. Key figures were presented, highlighting the origin of waste, its journey and the disastrous consequences on marine flora and fauna. The importance of individual and collective action was emphasized, encouraging everyone to help preserve our environment.
After this awareness-raising phase, participants received detailed explanations of the rules of collection, with a clear and efficient division of tasks. Sorting bags were distributed, each color corresponding to a specific type of waste, facilitating collection and subsequent recycling.
The collection took place over an hour and a half, followed by a waste characterization phase lasting half an hour. The results were edifying: a majority of waste consisting of cans, bottles in glass and food packaging was collected. The high school students' reactions were marked by their engagement and their consternation at the scale of the pollution.
This action is just the first step in the fight against marine pollution. A further intervention is already planned at the same site on March 14, offering the opportunity to collect new data and follow the evolution of the situation.
In conclusion, the waste collection along the Jarret stream was a success, testifying tothe importance of citizen involvement and collaboration between local players. Adopt'1 Spot is thus positioned as an essential tool for whistleblowers concerned with preserving our marine environment.

The year 2023 at MerTerre: between passion, missions and commitment! update

The year 2023 at MerTerre: between passion, missions and commitment!


MerTerre was born of the passion and commitment of Isabelle Poitou, who embarked on a bold quest in 2000: to combat the proliferation of abandoned waste, a growing threat to our oceans. Armed with cross-disciplinary knowledge of the social and natural sciences, the association is revolutionizing the ecological battle by proposing global, innovative solutions.
Over the years, MerTerre has forged a solid reputation, becoming a key player in the fight against marine pollution. From setting up the Observatoire des déchets en Milieux Aquatiques to the creation of collaborative data platforms, each step reinforces its mission: to raise awareness, educate and take action.

Today, thanks to strategic partnerships with renowned institutions and committed local players, MerTerre is extending its influence across the whole of France. From ReMed Zéro Plastique to Zéro Déchet Sauvage, its collaborative platforms empower associations and decision-makers to take effective, better-targeted action and thus change the course of their local environmental history.
And this is just the beginning. With pilot projects flourishing all over the country and a vision resolutely focused on the future, MerTerre continues to innovate, collaborate and inspire. Together, we're writing the next chapter of commitment to our planet, one where every actor, every action and every waste counts.
Discover our 2023 Activity Report

Download our 2023 Activity Report now to discover:

  • Our actions to characterize marine waste, and how they contribute to better understanding and combating pollution.
  • Our coordination and enhancement of local initiatives, which mobilize and strengthen the capacities of committed players.
  • Our awareness and education projects, which aim to change individual and collective behavior for a cleaner world.
  • Our commitment to accompanying public policies, and how we contribute to building effective strategies together to protect our environment.

Together, we're writing the next chapter in our commitment to our planet. Download our 2023 Activity Report now and join us in our fight for a cleaner, more sustainable future!

Adopt'1 Spot: the whistleblower's tool for tackling the problem of litter in the marine environment update

Adopt'1 Spot: the whistleblower's tool for tackling the problem of litter in the marine environment

Each year, millions of tons of waste end up in the oceans, 80% of it from land. Managing this pollution upstream of the marine environment is therefore of paramount importance! To take action against litter, the MerTerre association, a long-standing player in the field of waste in the aquatic environment, has set up the Adopt'1 Spot program, which has a threefold objective: to raise awareness of pollution caused by abandoned waste; to combat its proliferation in natural and marine environments; and to measure to obtain the data needed to better manage the problem locally and nationally, in order to build an appropriate response and target the resources needed to reduce waste at source. 

A participatory science program 

Adopt'1 Spot, is a participatory science tool that makes it possible to monitor pollution by abandoned waste in a very specific area, in order to draw up as complete a diagnosis as possible: origin, typology of waste, variation according to the weather, etc. 
This diagnosis is based on frequent characterizations of the waste collected on the spot. By carrying out at least 3 pick-ups per year, and recording the data on the Zero Déchet Sauvage platform, the device makes it possible to follow the evolution of the waste deposit on this spot, and understand the specifics of pollution at this precise location. 
Thanks to this data, managers can carry out precise diagnoses of waste pollution, on their territories and construct action plans that are as adapted and therefore effective as possible
Everyone can become a warning whistleblower and take part in concretely preserving a place by adopting it to help a community. 

An educational tool to raise awareness 

Adopt'1 Spot is also an educational tool to raise awareness among different audiences: citizens, schoolchildren, corporate employees, etc.  

This program is offered to educational structures to reach as many children and teenagers as possible, who can benefit from tailored accompaniment from MerTerre

Acquiring a series of data enables young people to get involved in the management of their territory by alerting local authorities and monitoring the implementation of waste prevention measures, tailored to local issues. 

MerTerre thanks you 💙 update

MerTerre thanks you 💙

🌊 Our very best wishes for 2024! 🌊
As we begin 2024, the MerTerre association would like to express its warmest wishes to you. May this new year be for you an extraordinary adventure, rich in discoveries and accomplishments.
In 2023, we shared great victories together for the preservation of our environment with the #ZeroWasteWaste goal. Thanks to your support and our collaboration, we have been able to move towards a more sustainable world, helping to protect our oceans and our planet.
For this new year, we want to strengthen our ties and amplify our impact. Together, let us continue to work for a future where nature thrives and future generations can enjoy a healthy, preserved environment.
May every day be an opportunity to celebrate our collective successes, to overcome obstacles with resilience and tenacity, and to cultivate the love and beauty that lie in our shared commitment. May we make 2024 a year in which our actions together are even more meaningful, helping to build a more just and balanced world.

MerTerre thanks you for your continued commitment and dedication. Together, let's be stronger in 2024, let's continue our quest towards a #ZeroWasteWaste goal and let's make this year a major milestone in the protection of our precious ecosystem 🌊💙

Best wishes to all of you for an exceptional year, marked by solidarity, hope and success.

With gratitude, 

The MerTerre team 🌍🐟
Adhésions 2024, our gifts to value your support! 
🎁 Committed gifts
Thanks to our partner ALL THE WAYS TO SAY, make a donation and receive special gifts as a sign of gratitude: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/merterre/collectes/en-decembre-1-for-the-planet-double-vos-dons-au-profit-de-notre-association

Calanques Propres: 20 years of commitment to preserving our Mediterranean jewel update

Calanques Propres: 20 years of commitment to preserving our Mediterranean jewel

Friday November 24 marked an exceptional moment in the history of the large-scale collection operation, Calanques Propres. This emblematic event celebrated its20 years in the exceptional location of the sanitary locker made available by the Marseille Capitale de la Mer structure. Bringing together all the structures involved, whether associations, local authorities, partners and many others, the day was a celebration of the shared commitment to preserving our environment.
Presentation of the results of the 2023 edition and review of 20 years
The day began with a presentation of the results of the 2023 edition. Attendees learned about this year's concrete achievements, measuring the positive impact of two decades of collective effort. The impressive figures were shared with the journalists in attendance, highlighting the continued progress of Calanques Propres.
A 20-year review followed, highlighting the milestones of this operation marked by unwavering determination. From raising public awareness to implementing innovative solutions, every moment was a step towards a healthier environment.
Collaborative workshops for a build the future
The afternoon was devoted to collaboration withworkshops by geographical sector. Participants brainstormed together on a concrete action plan to eliminate abandoned waste in Calanques Propres territories. The creative energy deployed during these sessions was palpable, reflecting everyone's commitment and determination.
A second workshop, led by a graphic facilitator, enabled participants to project themselves into the future of Calanques Propres. This innovative approach encouraged the visualization of a future where environmental preservation is at the heart of our concerns.
A convivial and committed evening
The day concluded with a apéritif en musique with Dominique Beven, an artist with multiple instruments from around the world. The festive atmosphere allowed participants to relax while celebrating the achievements of Calanques Propres. The lunch buffet and aperitif were provided by DouSens, a zero-waste caterer, with beer from brasserie Zoumaï and natural wine on consignment from Château Pompette.

A sincere thank you to participants and a message of hope
Calanques Propres would like to express its gratitude to all participants, whether volunteers, partners or community members. Their unwavering commitment has been key to the success of this operation over the years.

Stay tuned for a detailed account of the event. In the meantime, interested parties can find the bilan 2023 en ligne, a source of inspiration for all those who believe in the possibility of preserving our Mediterranean jewel.
Calanques Propres is more than just an operation; it's a collective movement towards a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable future. An example to follow for all those who aspire to make a difference in the world around them.

Retour sur l'opération de ramassage d'envergure Calanques Propres !

Découvrez quelques images de l'opération Calanques Propres 2023.
 Un immense merci à Saint Thomas Productions pour cette superbe vidéo !

Intervention with 25 junior town councillors from Montélimar! update

Intervention with 25 junior town councillors from Montélimar!

Returning to the superb intervention on June 14 with 25 junior city councilors from the Ville de Montélimar on l'île du Frioul and its Calanque de l'Eoube
On the program, awareness-raising and collection to understand the problem of waste abandoned littering the coastline. 
Lots of fragments plastics and packaging food plastics picked up including sticks from sucker or cotton tips...

Adopt'1 Spot: 30 children mobilized to preserve nature! update

Adopt'1 Spot: 30 children mobilized to preserve nature!

Back to yesterday's (April 25) superb intervention with some thirty children from the centre aéré ACM de la Savine on the plage de la Maronaise!
On the program, raising awareness, collecting then sorting and characterizing waste to understand the problem of abandoned garbage littering the beaches.
All in all, that's around ten kilos and at least 50 L of waste collected thanks to them! 

MerTerre thanks you!

Discover MerTerre's video greetings.

Year in review 2022 update

Year in review 2022

MerTerre has been keen to introduce students to the scientific approach, so that they have the tools and knowledge to become agents of change. In 2022, we developed a pedagogical kit to offer a playful knowledge path as well as a guide for the proper execution of their waste collection operations. 123 new structures were integrated in 2022, for a total of 449 structures including 15% local authorities and 14% schools.
We have also drawn up a deployment plan for Adopt'1 Spot so that in 2023 schoolchildren will participate in enriching local authority diagnoses via a dashboard developed specifically for this purpose.
Adopt'1 Spot in 2022 means :
- 86 collections with surveys ;
- 20 structures mobilized ;
- 39 spots cleaned ;
- 1,653 participants ;
- 10 surveys using level 1 ;
- 53 surveys using level 2;
- 12 surveys using level 3;
- 11 surveys using level 4;
- at least 3.2 tons of waste collected;
- at least 27 m3 of waste collected, including: 60,921 cigarette butts, 1,722 glass bottles, 1,625 metal cans, 2,051 plastic bottles and 49 tires.

New partner schools for Adopt'1 Spot! update

New partner schools for Adopt'1 Spot!

We wanted to raise awareness and support as many schools as possible with the Adopt'1 Spot program to monitor and protect fragile sites. Thanks to part of the donations, we have been able to create an educational kit (awareness-raising documents, collection kit) and are in contact with 4 schools to start our program this autumn.

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