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Kampuchea Sela Handicap

Kampuchea Sela Handicap

A workshop for mentally handicapped Cambodians

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With 20 €,
Kampuchea Sela Handicap finances:
1 day(s) of training to learn how to work in an open environment
140 €15,000 €
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Kampuchea Sëla Handicap (KSH) aims to accompany its beneficiaries towards significant independence, raise awareness of mental disability in Cambodian society & promote a new sustainable, easily replicable model for the care and integration of adults with mental disabilities in Cambodia.

The association aims to develop its actions over the long term because some of its beneficiaries, because of their disability or because they are without family, will remain with them for the rest of their lives. This means that its organization must be able to anticipate and manage its resources and expenses in a sustainable way, while offering diversity in its therapeutic & educational programs in order to increase its beneficiaries' autonomy over time.


KSH wishes to enhance the value and responsibility of its beneficiaries, and to raise awareness among Cambodian society and local authorities of the living and working conditions of this public still too isolated and stigmatized today. To achieve this, the association aims to become financially self-sufficient by professionalizing its sheltered, income-generating job preparation workshop, the L'IRRESISTIBLE confectionery, by achieving hygiene and quality standards, investing in equipment to increase its output and diversify its products, and developing its educational work-integration program.

In fact, in addition to its educational and awareness-raising component, this project includes an income-generating dimension. In this way, its beneficiaries become the primary players in their change, their path to autonomy and their integration into Cambodian society.

The ultimate goal of KSH is to ensure financial autonomy through the development of its educational program, with the aim of meeting 40-50% of its operating budget within 3-5 years, and 90% within 10 years.
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Recent result

After 9 years of experimentation, KSH and its jam factory, L'IRRÉSISTIBLE, have gained significant notoriety both for the quality of its products and for the social impact this sheltered workshop has been able to have on a mentally handicapped public in Cambodia. To date, 45 mentally handicapped young adults have been cared for by its programs. 

The money will be used for

The funds made available will help professionalize the confectionery (bringing it up to health standards, obtaining quality certification, investing in production equipment) and develop its integration program by training its educational team.


- Double its production capacity (8 tons today, 16 tons within 3 years)
- Diversify its product offering (fruit paste, dehydrated fruits & dehydrated vegetables)
- Contribute financially up to 50% within 3 years and 90% within 10 years to the KSH organization's operating budget
- Take charge of and train 8 new beneficiaries by 2024
- Integrate 3 to 5 young people a year into "conventional environments"
- Raise awareness among Cambodian society and authorities of the value of work by people with mental disabilities 
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