Recycled hotel soaps for the underprivileged

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Why we love it?

UNISOAP tackles many issues at once, and that's why we love this project. Recycling, the fight against waste, access to hygiene for the most disadvantaged, employment for people with disabilities: their 360-degree approach to ecological and social impact immediately won us over!

The project

SolidarityCircular economy
UNISOAP is the first French association whose mission is to collect and recycle used hotel soaps, with the aim of giving people in need access to hygiene.
51 000
are thrown away each year by hotels in France
of people cannot afford basic hygiene products
60 000
recycled and distributed since the beginning of the adventure


To meet this dual challenge, UNISOAP has developed an innovative solution: used hotel soaps are collected, recycled and then donated to partner charities, which then distribute them to their beneficiaries.
To cover more needs, UNISOAP forges partnerships with organizations donating complementary products (shampoos, toothbrushes, creams, household products, detergents...) to create hygiene and cleaning kits. The pouches for the kits are made from used hotel textiles, recycled by UNISOAP. 
Humanity is at the heart of the UNISOAP approach, which is why the association works with disabled people to recycle these soaps and make the hygiene kits in two ESATs (Etablissement et Service d'Aide par le Travail) located in the Lyon region.

Let's act, each at our own level 🍃 💪
In October, UNISOAP launched its ambassador community, to great fanfare!
When the APICIL Group, one of our long-standing partners, offered us one of their advertising spaces on France TV replays, we saw a great opportunity to highlight our actions on a large scale 📽
No need for long speeches, just watch this video to understand UNISOAP's ecological, social and solidarity-based project!

Partner, donor and now ambassador: everyone can act at their own level to 
  • Raise the profile of the initiative;
  • Diffuse good practices;
  • Support an impact project;
  • Actively participate in the project.

And help us to:
  • Fight against waste and recycle more soaps ; 
  • Give more people access to hygiene.

📣 Captains and future captains, you too can support us and join our community of ambassadors!
Together, we can have even more impact 🤝
Let's act, each at our own level 🍃 💪

The money will be used for

  • Increase the volume of used soaps collected from hotels
  • Recycle soaps within the partner ESAT: target 30,000 soaps produced in 2024
  • Prepare hygiene and cleaning kits: target 10,000 kits in 2024
  • Distribute recycled soaps and hygiene products to charities in France
By transforming waste into resources, we can restore dignity, confidence and hope to those who are often forgotten.
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Pauline Grumel
Founder and Managing Director
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Captain Cause 2024 gem
Unisoap is a member of the Captain Cause 2024 gems selection, thus guaranteeing its status as a certified association by meeting six criteria.
Financial stability
Systemic impact
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Finaliste des Rencontres pour la Planète de 1% for the Planet label
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