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Why we love it?

School Choice is the only association to deal directly with the problem of teacher shortages in priority neighborhoods and vocational high schools.

The project

Le Choix de l'École triggers and accompanies a commitment to teaching, in order to collectively build the school of tomorrow.
of collèges and lycées were short of at least 1 teacher at the start of the 2023 school year (SNES-FSU, 2023)
of teachers feel they perform tasks for which they need more training (Cour des Comptes, 2021)
less chance for a pupil from a disadvantaged background to enter general secondary school with the same grades (CNESCO, 2016)


Le Choix de l'école has demonstrated that it is possible to attract committed people to priority education thanks to an innovative program that supports young graduates and working people in their transition to teaching. 

To ensure the success of these teachers and that of their pupils, the association trains and supports them during their first two years in elementary school, middle schools or vocational high schools in priority neighborhoods. This support, comprising almost 300 hours of training, includes:
  • a month-long Summer Campus in July to prepare for the start of the new school year; 
  • subject-specific support provided by tenured teachers from the French Ministry of Education; 
  • cross-disciplinary training on specific topics such as school dropout, guidance and classroom management; 
  • tailored support to address all concerns related to the profession. 

At the end of the program, each teacher receives support to help them refine and realize their post-program career plans, whether they wish to continue in teaching or join another sector.

The money will be used for

  • Adapt and amplify communication actions to select teachers
  • Organize the training program and support teachers 
  • Mobilize teams and experienced teachers in each partner academy to provide support pairs and class visits
Daring to teach is an extraordinary adventure. It's a transformative experience for you and your students.
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