Recycled hotel soaps for the underprivileged



Did you know?The date 28/05 wasn't chosen at random! 28 represents the average number of days in a menstrual cycle and 5 that of the duration of menstruation.
Women are among the audiences UNISOAP is prioritizing to help in 2024! 🫶
For this, we can rely on the support of our partner associations, who distribute our soaps, hygiene products and kits to their beneficiaries.
This is the case of Féminité Sans Abri, which distributes hygiene and beauty products to combat the precariousness of women. This week, a hundred kits will be donated to the Permanence d'Accès aux Soins de l'Hôpital Saint Joseph Saint Luc in Lyon thanks to our joint action! 🧼
Let's never forget that hygiene is a right, a necessity. And menstrual hygiene products are among the most difficult to collect... and the most important for women in need.
As Laëtitia, a volunteer in charge of the Lyon area, so aptly put it, and we thank her wholeheartedly for her testimony: "L'union fait la force!" 🤝 So, if you'd like to add your bubble to the edifice with donations of menstrual hygiene products, contact us 💌
Together, we can make an even greater impact for those in need... 💙

We go one step further with UNISOAP 🌍 🧼 update

We go one step further with UNISOAP 🌍 🧼

For some time now, we've been keen to increase our impact, to meet the need for access to hygiene that extends, unfortunately, far beyond our French borders...
To give you an idea:
🇫🇷 In France, 3 million people have no access to basic hygiene products.
🌍 Worldwide, an estimated 2.3 billion people lack the infrastructure to wash their hands with soap and water.
➡️ With this in mind, UNISOAP is launching its first branch abroad: UNISOAP UAE, in the United Arab Emirates 🇦🇪
In this country, where tourism infrastructure is on a massive scale, the resources that could be provided by hotels are up to the task! 🧼
To remain in a responsible and reasoned logic, the project is supported locally by a local player: the social enterprise Goumbook, with whom we've been working for several months now 🤝 With this in mind, the entire process is being implemented locally: collection, recycling and distribution 😉
Further proof that, when we join forces, we can act on a grand scale! 
Together, we can have even more impact for People and for the Planet 🚀 🍃 

Let's act, each at our own level 🍃 💪

In October, UNISOAP launched its ambassador community, to great fanfare!
When the APICIL Group, one of our long-standing partners, offered us one of their advertising spaces on France TV replays, we saw a great opportunity to highlight our actions on a large scale 📽
No need for long speeches, just watch this video to understand UNISOAP's ecological, social and solidarity-based project!
Partner, donor and now ambassador: everyone can act at their own level to 
  • Raise the profile of the initiative;
  • Diffuse good practices;
  • Support an impact project;
  • Actively participate in the project.

And help us to:
  • Fight against waste and recycle more soaps ; 
  • Give more people access to hygiene.

📣 Captains and future captains, you too can support us and join our community of ambassadors!
Together, we can have even more impact 🤝

UNISOAP in the field 🚐 update

UNISOAP in the field 🚐

"I'm going to take a shower!" 🚿
You have to get out in the field to really understand how commonplace this phrase is for those without access to hygiene.
The UNISOAP team spent an afternoon following the Vroom Shower. This is the camper van that Béchir Dridi has transformed into a mobile shower, and which provides over 300 showers a month for homeless people in Lyon.
Beyond simple showers, the Vroom Shower offers a convivial moment with beneficiaries. By creating a bond with them, Béchir gives them back access to hygiene, health, but also and above all, self-esteem.

We are proud to contribute to the actions of our partner associations and to have seen first-hand the positive impact of the hygiene products we distribute (UNISOAP recycled soaps and hygiene kits).
Together, we can go even further 🌍 🧼

UNISOAP takes recycling one step further! ♻️ update

UNISOAP takes recycling one step further! ♻️

At UNISOAP, we're committed to transforming waste from the hospitality sector into resources for the underprivileged.
Beyond recycled soaps, we're now makinghygiene kits to cover ever more needs. The kits are thus made up of a UNISOAP soap and products collected from cosmetics brands and manufacturers (if you know of a brand that knows... that would like to donate products 😉).
For their manufacture, it's quite natural that we chose to work with a second ALGED structure: ESAT Robert Lafon.
Through their sewing workshop, we're carrying out one more ecological action and a great partnership! 🍃
We explain:
➡️ The pouch you see in the photo comes from the recycling of sheets and comforter covers from Blanchisserie Morellon, a major player in linen rental and care since 1890.
discard 1 cart of linen per week (clean linen damaged, with holes, torn, etc..., from hotels and healthcare facilities).
We recover and recycle this linen to make pouches that house hygiene kits, destined for our partner charities. 🤝

All this wouldn't be possible without your support!
Together, we can have even more impact 🌍

Unisoap thanks you!

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Over 28,000 soaps recycled and distributed to people in need update

Over 28,000 soaps recycled and distributed to people in need

The year 2023 is off to a good start for UNISOAP: we've now reached 28,000 soaps recycled and distributed to people in need 🧼 And that's thanks to your support! We aim to recycle more soaps to give over 100,000 people access to hygiene by the end of 2023. The development of our new machine is progressing and will enable us to speed up soap cleaning and production as a whole. At the same time, we are increasingly developing hygiene kits (UNISOAP recycled soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.), distributed through our partner charities. Made up of several products, they cover even more hygiene needs and improve the self-esteem of the most underprivileged. We recently joined forces with Fraternité Lyon Centre to distribute over 100 kits. Together, we'll be going even further to promote sustainable tourism and provide access to hygiene! 🚀

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