Waste reduction actions at events

1,586kg of waste saved funded
272 difts
1.55 € = 1 kg of waste saved
Why we love it?

Arthur and Julien want to reconcile cultural, sporting or social events with ecology and the preservation of resources, and we say yes!

The project

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Aremacs helps events (cultural, sporting or business) to reduce and recycle the waste generated during their events, and to raise public awareness.
Every year Aremacs takes part in more than 250 events: festivals, sports competitions, local events, and various trade shows.
metric tons
In 2023, Aremacs collected 500 tonnes of waste at events, from which 110 tonnes of glass, 118 tonnes of sorted waste and 53 tonnes of biowaste were removed by hand.
3 millions
of people
Every year, 3 million people come into contact with Aremacs' teams and awareness-raising tools during supported events.


Responsible waste management at events is complex, requiring in-depth knowledge of local players and can sometimes be too demanding in terms of energy and time for organizers.

For 20 years now, Aremacs' expertise has enabled it to tackle this mission effectively, mobilizing expert employees and volunteers from diverse socio-cultural backgrounds trained and accompanied them throughout the year. Their enthusiasm is tangible in the field, giving them privileged access to numerous events.

Aremacs Awards 2023: our Bordeaux branch honors its volunteers!
Last month, the teams at our Bordeaux branch dedicated their monthly aperitif to those without whom we wouldn't exist: our volunteers!

At the Maison de la Nature et de l'Environnement, 10 volunteers were honored in various categories for the 2023 season: the person most present on the ground, the quiet force, the female and male revelations...

The Aremacs Awards trophies were designed using gloves, which we use at events to pick up litter. Cleverly painted gold and solidified with a cup inside, this nod to our association's flagship activity has made other branches envious!

Thanks to all our volunteers, past and present, for their support and commitment. Thank you to our employees for their daily work. And thank you for supporting us by becoming a sponsor!
Aremacs Awards 2023: our Bordeaux branch honors its volunteers!

The money will be used for

- Purchasing equipment to take care of volunteers and teams, such as lined, waterproof gloves for cold, rainy days, sturdy oilskins, barnums for shelter during waste sorting, speakers for a pleasant musical ambience even amidst the garbage cans, etc.

- Retaining civic services, at least by offering them a seasonal contract to further enhance their professional experience (a quarter of them have been hired on permanent contracts).

- Helping to repair vehicles, which are old and often require visits to the garage.
"The planet doesn't need big promises, it needs those who act behind the scenes to reduce their ecological footprint."
Vic Condamin
National Project and Training Manager
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