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With 10 €,
AREMACS finances:
1 sorting media to raise public awareness of responsible waste management
2,134 €8,000 €
233 Captains


Aremacs was created in 2004 by 2 friends (Arthur and Julien), passionate about cultural events (current and electronic music) and extreme sports, around two observations: these events are sources of values, education and transmission, but also have negative impacts on the environment, particularly on the issue of waste.

A problem quickly arose in the minds of these two players, and this in an attempt to provide solutions to these observations: how to reconcile these issues in order to initiate the transition of the industry and changes in citizen behavior towards a more sustainable society? 


For 17 years, Aremacs has been contributing to the ecological and social transition by mobilizing through events. The association provides concrete support for organizers of cultural, sporting and social events towards eco-responsibility, while enabling the engagement and awareness of citizens in a positive and inclusive way. Also, Aremacs accompanies all stakeholders in the reduction, responsible management and recovery of waste.

In addition, Aremacs  promotes behavioral change among teams and audiences and mobilizes its volunteers on environmental topics. It also engages the entire event industry in its transition by bringing it into dialogue and supporting the emergence of collective and territorial solutions. Finally, it works with local authorities and national institutions to encourage the transformation of public policies.
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Recent result

In 2019, the flagship year before COVID, the association achieved several goals: 
- over 200 events supported;
- 161 animations carried out;
- 333 tons of waste recovered;
- 3446 volunteer missions;
- 600 volunteers involved;
- 2 million people met.

The money will be used for

The money will be used to finance other positions and improve employees' quality of life at work. It will also be used to improve tools and innovate certain practices in order to multiply its impact.


Valorize ever more waste, engage ever more volunteers in its actions.
Difting makes sense.
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