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2024 Annual General Meeting: Aremacs celebrates its 20th anniversary! update

2024 Annual General Meeting: Aremacs celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Our Annual General Meeting 2024 was held in Lyon last month. We welcomed over 150 volunteers, partners, former employees and friends of the association!
It was an opportunity for us to present them with the annual report for the 2023 season, with some key figures:
● 215 events supported
● 41 training courses led
● 256 animations deployed
● 72 network meetings
This represents:
● 3 million people reached by our actions and awareness-raising schemes
● 815 tons of waste treated, including 400 tons of waste recovered ♻
> Results made possible thanks to the work and commitment of our 35 employees and 900 volunteers 💪
A big THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to the Aremacs story, and to those & who continue to write it.
👥 Employees & volunteers past and present
🤝 Partners, providers, Captains who support us
🍽 Récup et Gamelles for the vegetarian and zero-waste lunch; Lucy Cuisine Ethiopienne and their foodtruck for the vegetarian dinner
🎤 The comedians for their stand-ups : Chloé, Kelly, Jacob and Constance
🎵 Musical artists for their shows: Yokestra; Visual Rythms; Non-Mix; Coton 90; RemremX; J€4N MOUL4
📸 Julian Vericel for capturing the laughter and jubilant moments of this day 

Aremacs Awards 2023: our Bordeaux branch honors its volunteers! update

Aremacs Awards 2023: our Bordeaux branch honors its volunteers!

Last month, the teams at our Bordeaux branch dedicated their monthly aperitif to those without whom we wouldn't exist: our volunteers!
At the Maison de la Nature et de l'Environnement, 10 volunteers were honored in various categories for the 2023 season: the person most present on the ground, the quiet force, the female and male revelations...
The Aremacs Awards trophies were designed using gloves, which we use at events to pick up litter. Cleverly painted gold and solidified with a cup inside, this nod to our association's flagship activity has made other branches envious!
Thanks to all our volunteers, past and present, for their support and commitment. Thank you to our employees for their daily work. And thank you for supporting us by becoming a sponsor!

The 6th edition of JEER in Lyon: Eco-Responsible Event Days not to be missed! update

The 6th edition of JEER in Lyon: Eco-Responsible Event Days not to be missed!

Les Journées de l'Evénementiel Eco-Responsable (JEER) are entering their sixth year. They are organized by Aremacs in partnership with the Metropole de Lyon. This annual event, which has become a not-to-be-missed rendezvous for players in the events, culture and sports sector, will be held on November 29 and 30 in Lyon.
The JEER offer a dynamic platform for exploring best practices and innovations in the field of eco-responsible events. Participants will have the opportunity to attend inspiring conferences, engaging roundtables and interactive workshops, all centered on the crucial theme of sustainability.
The program for the 6th edition of JEER in Lyon has been proudly unveiled by the Aremacs here.
They are specifically aimed at players in the events, cultural and sports sectors, offering a unique opportunity to share innovative ideas and promote eco-responsible initiatives. Admission is free, but prior registration is required. Interested parties can register by completing the form available here.
To find out more about the impact of JEER, check out Pioche Magazine's dedicated article, available here.

Thank you to all 💜 Captains 💜 for supporting Aremacs and enabling us to move the events sector forward together. 

The 2023 summer season is in full swing!

It's summer, and our teams are all out in the field to support events and better manage their waste. Here are all the events you may have come across us at during your vacations:
In June: Échappée belle, We Love Green, Vélo vert, Fête de la morue, Massilia sunball, fête consulaire, cap hostens, le raid des collégien.ne.s, Annecy animated film festival, re Lyon Nous, l'Ardéchoise, Street food festival, Mars Attac, Triathlon du Mont Blanc, Bordeaux Open Air, Bordeaux fête le vin, Fête de la musique de Bordeaux, Notes en vert, Évasion festival, Summer festival X SOS Méditerranée, Garorock, entre Rhône et Saône, Macki music festival, Fête du port de pêche
En juillet : Para-athletics world championship, dialogue en humanité, ERDAfestival, pointu festival, la douve blanche, Francofolies de la Rochelle, Bordeaux Open Air, Fête Nationale, Feria de Mont-de-Marsan, Amapola festival, Evian women's golf championship
In August : Le foreztival, les plages électroniques de Cannes, Insane festival, la fête de l'huître, IOTA festival, Au bonheur des mômes, Hadra, V&B festival, Bordeaux Open Air.
Here's to a summer that's been good for our biceps! We'll soon be able to tell you how many tons of waste we've saved from incineration and landfill.
Thank you Captain.e.s so much for helping us make a difference in the events world!

Our figures for 2022 are finally available! update

Our figures for 2022 are finally available!

Our general meeting was held in Bordeaux on April 1, 2023, and it was an opportunity to take stock of the year 2022 for the association.
Here are our figures for the year 2022: 
- 150 events / 143 animations / 33 training courses (186 events and 161 animations in 2019) ;
- 1314 salaried days.es (1866 salaried days in 2019) ;
- 462 volunteer members for 3434 volunteer days (451 volunteer members and 3446 volunteer days in 2019) ;
- 2,935,552 people met (2,077,761 people in 2019) ;
- 28.77 FTE (Full Time Equivalent) (19.5 FTE in 2019) ;
- over 450 tons of waste recovered.
Although we are seeing an overall drop in our figures compared with 2019 (pre-Covid), we are noticing an increase in the efficiency of our teams in the field, massive recruitment which is playing on the Quality of Life and Working Conditions, as well as a major growth in the people we meet and come into contact with our awareness tools! 
The year 2023 should continue on this momentum! We'll keep you regularly updated on the progress of the project and news from the association!!
A warm thank you to the Captain.es for your support, which is essential to us.

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