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Retailers committed to fighting food insecurity

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HopHopFood finances:
17 meals donated by solidarity shops
22,369 €50,000 €
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17 million people in France (i.e. 25% of the population) declare they are too poor to be able to feed themselves properly(baromètre pauvreté IPSOS-Secours Populaire français 2021), even though food waste itself represents 10 million tons of produce a year.

Faced with this observation, several solutions are emerging, notably those enabling shops to sell their products in the form of baskets at reduced prices. HopHopFood has developed a formula that is even more supportive and advantageous for retailers: the donation of unsold products to people in low-income households.


The HopHopFood App enables solidarity stores to make their unsold products available to people in a state of food insecurity. These people use an access code to reserve products, then go directly to the stores to collect these free baskets. Beneficiaries are self-sufficient, and products usually banned from food aid collections (meat, fish, etc.) can finally be saved from wastage and given to people in need. 

The retailer, for his part, values his donations at 60% of their ex-VAT value, thanks to the in-kind donation certificate provided by HopHopFood.
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Recent result

This "anti-gaspi solidaire"® service was launched in April 2020 and already exists in numerous shops and restaurants in Ile-de-France, Toulouse, Lille, Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, Montpellier, Amiens,  Orléans, Tours, etc. In January 2022, HopHopFood exceeded 2 million meals offered to people in difficulty.

The money will be used for

To increase the supply of food donated by shops, the association notably needs to professionalize its teams of volunteers, civic service volunteers and interns, by recruiting CDIs.


By the end of 2023, the association's goal is to reach 3 million meal equivalents donated to beneficiaries in precarious circumstances in France, particularly students and families in difficulty.
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