Baskets of unsold goods offered by shopkeepers to the most needy

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Why we love it?

The power of a tech platform to combine the fight against food waste with the fight against poverty is an extremely effective formula! Let's take resources from where they are and redistribute them to those in need.

The project

FoodCircular economy
Reach 7 million meals for students and families in precarious situations by the end of 2025 (complete, quality meals, varied food), while combating food waste.
+ de 6 millions
de repas offerts
for students and low-income families
+ de 18 K
65% of whom are students
+ de 2500
metric tons
of CO² avoided


The HopHopFood App enables solidarity stores to make their unsold products available to people in a state of food insecurity. These people use an access code to reserve products, then go directly to the stores to collect these free baskets. Beneficiaries are self-sufficient, and products usually banned from food aid collections (meat, fish, etc.) can finally be saved from wastage and given to people in need. 

The retailer, for his part, values his donations at 60% of their ex-VAT value, thanks to the in-kind donation certificate provided by HopHopFood.

The HopHopFood team is growing!
 🎉 The HopHopFood team is growing!

Thanks to you and your support for our association fighting food insecurity, we're expanding! It is with immense joy that we announce the arrival of Géraldine, a new employee, to the HopHopFood team as the new Responsible d'Antenne in Montpellier ! 💫 
🚀 Géraldine brings with her boundless energy and an infectious passion for developing the association and solidarity businesses in this beautiful, sunny city. ☀️ 

🌱 Her background? After working in the field of solidarity and community development, Géraldine was touched by HopHopFood's mission. Her desire to create a concrete and immediate impact naturally led her to join our dynamic team! 

🤝 Her desire to join HopHopFood?"I'm convinced that each of us has the power to change the world in our own way, and I firmly believe in the power of solidarity. Joining HopHopFood gives me the opportunity to put my skills to work for a cause I care deeply about, while being part of a vibrant and committed community." 

🌟 A little anecdote about Géraldine? She went on an adventure to Ireland with her family to explore the country in a van or even by woofing 😍 

👏 Don't hesitate to put us in touch with any Montpellier shopkeepers, artisans, restaurateurs, hotels, collective catering structures, solidaires that you know of to invite them to join our local solidarity network! 💚 

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The HopHopFood team is growing!
🌟✨ Focus on 2023: HopHopFood x ACCOR partnership ✨🌟
🌟✨ Bilan 2023 - United against food insecurity! ✨🌟

We are proud to share with you the exceptional balance sheet for 2023 for HopHopFood, our non-profit organization dedicated to fighting food insecurity in France. A year full of solidarity actions and inspiring moments thanks to you and our dedicated partners.

🤝 Today, we're highlighting a great partnership with
Accor and Pullman Hotels & Resorts played a key role in the success of our Christmas solidarity operation last December.

2 outstanding operations:

1️⃣ During the Solidarity Christmas, we were able to offer nearly 1,500 exceptional solidarity baskets, bringing a ray of light to nearly 600 people in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse.

🤔 In concrete terms, from December 18 to 22, 6 Pullman Hotels were mobilized:PULLMAN Lyon, Pullman Paris Centre-Bercy, Pullman Paris La Défense, Pullman Paris Montparnasse, Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel, Pullman Toulouse.

7.5 tons of food were collected by people in precarious situations, mainly students.

2️⃣ "Solidarity brunches" launched!!

The "Solidarity brunches" operation aims to combat food waste at Pullman Hotels & Resorts breakfasts while enabling people in difficulty to enjoy a good meal. We can't wait to share the results with you soon!

🙌 These baskets aren't just filled with food, but also with hope, social connection and solidarity. It's thanks to committed partners like ACCOR and its Pullman hotels that we can make our mission a reality and make ourselves useful without the lives of those who need it most.

✨ But the adventure doesn't end here! We still have much to accomplish, and that's where you come in. We invite you to join us in supporting our cause. Every gesture counts, every donation makes a difference.🚀

Together, let's make 2024 an even more impactful year. 
And it's all thanks to you, your support, your solidarity, so THANK YOU 💛
🌟✨ Focus on 2023: HopHopFood x ACCOR partnership ✨🌟

The money will be used for

- Fund the costs so that each HopHopFood branch can continue to offer free meals;
- Professionalize the teams of volunteers, civic service volunteers and interns, by recruiting permanent staff;
- Offer free meals on the HopHopFood platform;
- Help develop the app so that it can welcome even more donors and donations;
- Participate in the rollout of the suspended products and services project.
"I dreamed of connecting those who had too much with those who didn't have enough, to restore a balance."
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