Fulfilling the dreams of amputee athletes and champion seeds

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The project

Stimulate the careers of young athletes with potential, despite disability or lack of resources.


At the start of their careers, athletes are not helped by Federations, nor supported by sponsors, despite their potential.

Génération Avant Garde awards scholarships to talented youngsters, to finance studies, sports training, equipment, disability-friendly materials, travel to national and international competitions.

This support enables them to reach their best levels, pursue their studies, realize their dreams of champion and build their future.

The action contributes to a more inclusive society where everyone can flourish and achieve their goals.

The money will be used for

  • Financing sports equipment adapted to individual needs and especially for disabled people
  • Financing travel to take part in national and international competitions
  • Financing sports and mental preparation courses
  • Financing their studies to ensure they have a professional future alongside their sporting careers
It is unthinkable not to give a helping hand to these young people, who every day deploy courage and resilience to achieve their life projects.
Génération Avant-Garde logo
Gwenaelle Briard
Managing Director
Certified by Captain Cause
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