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Why we love it?

We love this association, which does everything right and never stops innovating to create the world of our dreams and remind us to have faith in humanity. The Carillon network includes over 1,300 committed businesses: that's what we call having a systemic impact!

The project

Le Carillon is a community-based network of shopkeepers and residents with and without homes, designed to improve the daily lives of homeless people and combat their isolation.
have discovered new shops, which are emerging as new places of sociability
of homeless people report meeting new people
1 283
throughout France


Le Carillon involves various local players: 
  • The shopkeepers offer micro-services and everyday products (phone recharging, luggage drop-off, meals, drinks, haircuts, etc.).s offer micro-services and everyday products (recharging your phone, leaving your luggage, meals, drinks, haircuts, ...) and offer a warm welcome to homeless people;
  • Homeless people use the services and products at the shopkeepers' and can get involved as volunteers in the network to animate and develop it (recruiting new shopkeepers, monitoring shopkeepers, organizing events, ...);
  • Inhabitants.e.s create links by offering/pre-paying for products on standby at merchants for homeless people, and can get involved as volunteers in the network to animate and develop it ;
  • Partner associations send homeless people the list of supportive merchants.
  • Companies support the network and mobilize their employees.

In order to inform residents.s (with and without domicile):
  • the shopkeeper commits by displaying a "Le Carillon" label on his door and pictograms corresponding to the services and products on offer;
  • La Cloche prints lists of the location and offer proposed by each shopkeeper which are distributed by 1) volunteers, with and without domicile, on the street, 2) by associative and social partners and 3) by the asso itself during weekly social link permanences (entitled "Repères").

In order to keep the network alive and develop links between all these players, La Cloche volunteers with and without homes organize neighborhood events (Apérue at a shopkeeper's, karaoke, choir, game of pétanque, unpopular soup...).

The money will be used for

  • Expanding the Carillon network
  • Distributing vouchers for products and services
  • Conducting social outreach marauding campaigns 
  • Training and supporting network merchants
  • Supporting weekly social outreach sessions
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