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La Cloche

La Cloche

Inclusive activities for neighbors with and without homes

Social actionDiversityÎle-de-France
With 10 €,
La Cloche finances:
1 gardening workshop(s) (via the Les Clochettes program)
1,314 €15,000 €
12 Captains


83% of homeless people suffer from rejection by passers-by, which is a hindrance to their reintegration.

94% of citizens would like to take action against extreme exclusion but many feel helpless, don't know how to go about it.

In addition, social ties and a change of outlook are just as important as material aid in the fight against extreme exclusion.

That's why La Cloche was created, to meet these needs. 


La Cloche acts against the exclusion of people in precarious situations by giving everyone the opportunity to create local social links so that everyone can flourish freely and be a player in a more inclusive society.

Located throughout France, La Cloche creates and labels inclusive spaces (Carillon shops, Clochettes urban initiatives...) and offers events and activities (choir, theater, cooking workshops...) between neighbors with and without homes, to enable everyone to take part in neighborhood life and thrive there.
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Recent result

La Cloche carried out a impact study in 2022 and here's what it found: after knowing La Cloche, 
> 73% of people who have experienced great precariousness feel less alone;
> 83% of people feel more at ease with the people they meet, whether they have a home or not;
> 78% of people feel more capable of taking action against extreme exclusion since coming into contact with La Cloche;
> 83% of people who have not had an experience of poor housing or extreme precariousness have become aware of the stereotypes and prejudices they may have had about extreme exclusion.

The money will be used for

- Enable people in precarious situations to access essential products and services.
- Promote access to culture, setting up cooking, gardening and wellness workshops.


The objectives for 2023 are:
- 6000 people made aware of the street world;
- 5000 activities;
- 250 events.
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