Access to drinking water for vulnerable populations thanks to social entrepreneurship

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1001fontaines provides a proven, sustainable model for accelerating access to drinking water for all.
356 000
had free access to drinking water at school in 2023
1 million
of beneficiaries
in Cambodia, our first country of operation
Water Kiosks
deployed in rural Cambodia, providing access to drinking water for vulnerable populations


Today, 2 billion people in the world still have no access to drinking water. The targets set by the UN for 2030 for universal access to drinking water seem unattainable, especially for people living in rural, often isolated areas. Investing in innovative, effective and sustainable solutions such as 1001fontaines is the only way to achieve SDG 6.

1001fontaines develops and deploys sustainable solutions for access to drinking water for vulnerable populations. 1001fontaines' model breaks the circle of poverty on a village scale: the association creates small drinking water production stations (water kiosks) in rural villages in developing countries, then trains local entrepreneurs to manage them. They then resell the water at less than 2 cents per liter, a price recommended by the WHO, which enables even the most vulnerable households to obtain drinking water.

The money will be used for

- Financing the construction of Water Kiosks in rural Cambodia;
- Training a local entrepreneur to manage a Water Kiosk;
- Improving the health of thousands of people through access to safe drinking water;
- Providing free drinking water in schools around Water Kiosks.

10 € = 1 lifelong access to drinking water for one person

already funded
1374 difts
Why we love it?

Increased living standards, reduced illness, less absenteeism from school, lower CO2 emissions and, quite simply, access to the most vital resource of all: it's hard to think of more positive impacts on Cambodia's disadvantaged populations than 1001fontaines!

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