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Locally-managed drinking water kiosks

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1/4 of the world's population still doesn't have access to drinking water, and unsafe water kills one person every 7 seconds. 

In Cambodia, 80% of the population lives in rural areas, a majority of whom don't have access to satisfactory quality water for drinking and essential daily needs. 

Yet, water is the source of everything! The lack of drinking water creates a vicious circle of poverty that 1001fontaines transforms into a virtuous circle.


The 1001fontaines model breaks the circle of poverty at village level: the association creates small drinking water production stations (water kiosks) in rural villages in developing countries, then trains local entrepreneurs to manage them. They then resell the water at less than 2 cents per liter, a price recommended by the WHO, which enables even the most vulnerable households to obtain drinking water.
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Recent result

Today, 10001fontaines enables 900,800 people, including 310,000 children, to drink clean drinking water every day. The association has built nearly 300 water kiosks, created more than 1,050 local jobs and demonstrated itsconcrete impact on health (reduction in illness), education (reduction in schoolchildren's absenteeism by up to 75%) and environment (17,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided each year, as beneficiaries no longer boil water).

The money will be used for

 The money raised will be used to finance: 
- real estate investment (water kiosk building): 9,979€ ;
- water treatment investment: 1,240€ ;
- technical set-up: 9,139€ ;
- water testing: 926€ ;
- education and information materials: 2,250€ ;
- ergonomics: 2,323€ ;
- salaries for local partner Teuk Saat: 12,850€.


By opening a water kiosk, 3,000 villagers benefit from sustainable access to drinking water, and 1,000 children with the "Water In School" program delivering free drinking water to schools.
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