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Entrepreneurs du Monde gives you all the keys and tools you need to help the most vulnerable become financially independent and regain power over their lives.

The project

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Entrepreneurs du Monde helps vulnerable people succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavors, enabling them to emancipate and empower themselves, and pave the way for their children's future.
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of people live in poverty


Entrepreneurship becomes a powerful lever for escaping extreme poverty when vulnerable entrepreneurs are supported to overcome obstacles. Entrepreneurs du Monde gives these vulnerable entrepreneurs access to the tools they need to develop their business: loans granted without collateral or guarantees to reach the poorest, free training, individual support to overcome difficulties. 

The money will be used for

Donations will be used to:
  • provide free training for entrepreneurs;
  • monitor their loans and ensure that they correspond to the person's needs;
  • provide a free savings service that is non-existent in these countries;
  • advise entrepreneurs in difficulty and help them find sustainable solutions;
  • connect entrepreneurs with other local associations that can support them on other issues such as health or disability.
The company can be at the service of people and the planet
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