Individual housing and social support to reintegrate the homeless

An extra cocoon in Marseille updateToit à Moi has just acquired a second home in Marseille, and since October it has been home to one more person in our springboard scheme.

An extra cocoon in Marseille

The Captain Cause mobilization enables us to equip, furnish and fit out our cocoon apartments. It also enables us to give a dignified and comfortable welcome to the people we help to get off the streets.

A new springboard cocoon has just been opened in Marseille, where Toit à Moi now has two units. Since October, an additional person has been supported in this second Marseille cocoon. The Toit à Moi adventure has now enabled more than 150 people to leave the streets for good, and get back on their feet towards a new life project.

Thank you for your support ❤ 

A second cocoon in Rouen? 🤞 updateGermaine and the volunteers hard at work in Rouen! Département de la Seine maritime - Nicolas Bram

A second cocoon in Rouen? 🤞

As you know, a first person has been welcomed into the first accommodation in Rouen. She is going through ups and downs, but is hanging on to her life projects! 💪 Today, we're aiming to buy a second appart', with the goal of a new person accompanied as soon as possible on the Normandy branch. Thank you to the captains who are accompanying us on this adventure! ♥

A new Toit à Moi cocoon has just opened in Rouen! 🦋 update

A new Toit à Moi cocoon has just opened in Rouen! 🦋

In Rouen, the new apartment we own has been freshly renovated and has just welcomed its first tenant, Laura, who moved in on Spring Day. 🌷
After a difficult period, she'll be able to rebuild her life in her new home. 

Two new Toit à Moi cocoons in Reims! update

Two new Toit à Moi cocoons in Reims!

Our great teams of volunteers have completed the work and fitting out of the association's first two Rémois homes. A mother in great difficulty has already been able to move in with her 3 daughters in one of them. 

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