Inclusive activities for neighbors with and without homes

Film-debate update


Tuesday, January 23 was our last movie-debate evening! 🎥

Around thirty residents with and without homes in the neighborhood were able to discover the documentary Au clair de la rue by Julien Goudichaud. An event made all the more touching by the fact that it was our last ciné-débat.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was able to take part in this great project! Since May 2022, the Maison de la Conversation, in the 18th arrondissement, has opened its doors to us to present 9 films and short films. These free evenings, open to all, not only contributed to making culture accessible to all, but were also a good pretext for meeting people and creating social links. 

In fact, for almost a year and a half,210 spectators were able to meet and exchange with 26 speakers who came to present their work. Many thanks to all of you 🫶

La Cloche a un incroyable Talent! update

La Cloche a un incroyable Talent!

Tuesday, October 24, we got together to admire the many talents of La Cloche. Songs, poetry, rap, sketches, music and dance followed one another in an unforgettable show, full of emotion and laughter. 

Members of the salaried team, volunteers, regulars and friends of La Cloche, with or without homes, made this incredible show possible.

This evening was a wonderful reminder that access to culture and artistic practice are fundamental rights that enable everyone to blossom and feel part of society. As a vehicle for social cohesion, culture is an essential lever for the inclusion of people in precarious situations! 

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