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Etoilés & Solidaires

Etoilés & Solidaires

Gourmet meals to break the isolation of our seniors

With 55 €,
Etoilés & Solidaires finances:
1 isolated seniors invited to a gourmet restaurant in their neighborhood
603 €7,000 €
6 Captains


SOCIAL CHALLENGES - Combating social isolation: 530,000 seniors were in a situation of social death in 2021, compared with 300,000 in 2017. 2 million seniors isolated from family and friendship circles in 2021, they were 900,000 in 2017.

INCLUSIVE CHALLENGES: given the social isolation of our seniors, they have become invisible. The idea is to "give them back their place" in today's society and create intergenerational links.

HEALTH CHALLENGES - Combating undernutrition: France is the 3rd country in Europe most affected by social isolation and undernutrition among the elderly. In the 65-75 age bracket, malnutrition affects 3 to 5% of the population. Over the age of 80, it is estimated that it reaches 30% of subjects, becoming a risk factor for hospitalization and loss of autonomy.


The aim of ÉTOILÉS & SOLIDAIRES is to:
- reinspire seniors to get out of their homes to go to restaurants. Getting moving helps maintain autonomy;
- restoring self-esteem: isolated seniors have regained a taste for getting ready before going to the restaurant (dressing, styling, hygiene care). Physical well-being naturally has an impact on morale;
- create social, local and intergenerational ties;
- reinspire seniors to eat healthily and, in so doing, combat undernutrition. 
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Recent result

5860 isolated seniors were treated to gourmet meals including dishes from Maison Albar's restaurant l'Imperator in Nîmes and the Peninsula in Paris. 

The money will be used for

The money will fund the following expenses:
- lunch menus;
- salaried staff;
- travel expenses;
- logistics;
- photos and video interviews;
- social network management.


 The goal is to fund 50 "Tables of our Seniors" for 1,000 isolated seniors. 
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