Gourmet meals to break the isolation of our seniors

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Why we love it?

What we love about Etoilés&Solidaires is the innovative idea of breaking the isolation of our seniors by putting them in touch with gourmet chefs, thus creating surprising yet profoundly enriching encounters.


SOCIAL CHALLENGES - Combating social isolation: 530,000 seniors were in a situation of social death in 2021, compared with 300,000 in 2017. 2 million seniors isolated from family and friendship circles in 2021, they were 900,000 in 2017.

INCLUSIVE CHALLENGES: given the social isolation of our seniors, they have become invisible. The idea is to "give them back their place" in today's society and create intergenerational links.

HEALTH CHALLENGES - Combating undernutrition: France is the 3rd country in Europe most affected by social isolation and undernutrition among the elderly. In the 65-75 age bracket, malnutrition affects 3 to 5% of the population. Over the age of 80, it is estimated that it reaches 30% of subjects, becoming a risk factor for hospitalization and loss of autonomy.


The aim of ÉTOILÉS & SOLIDAIRES is to:
- reinspire seniors to get out of their homes to go to restaurants. Getting moving helps maintain autonomy;
- restoring self-esteem: isolated seniors have regained a taste for getting ready before going to the restaurant (dressing, styling, hygiene care). Physical well-being naturally has an impact on morale;
- create social, local and intergenerational ties;
- reinspire seniors to eat healthily and, in so doing, combat undernutrition. 

Offer restaurant meals for our isolated grandparents and their carers!
In this month of March, when March 4 was Grandmother's Day, here is a short text written by Marie GUILLOIS, Founder of ETOILÉS & SOLIDAIRES. 

😍 Happy Grandmother's Day to all Grandmothers!
💙 To Grandmothers by descent or adoption...
💙 To the Grandmothers who guide us, pass on, advise...
💙 To the Grandmothers who carry us with their tenderness and affection...
💙 To the Grandmothers who watch over us from far or near...
✨ You are our treasures.

👩🏻‍🦳👨🏻‍🦳 More than 8251 seniors have benefited from our solidary and gastronomic initiatives in 5 years through our STARS AND SOLIDARIES initiatives :

🍽 La Table de nos Aînés X Salariés : Seniors and employees of a company take part in an intergenerational tablée at a restaurant in their geographical area.
🍽 Invitez un Aîné à Déjeuner (Invite an Elder to Lunch): an isolated elderly duo and healthcare professional or family caregiver or young person in an intergenerational shared apartment share a lunch in a restaurant in their geographical area. 

🙌 The aims of these initiatives: 
- to combat social isolation and undernutrition; 
- to help change the way society looks at aging;
- to maintain seniors' independence;
- to foster intergenerational links between seniors and young people in shared accommodation, family carers and healthcare professionals. 

For our isolated seniors, our adoptive grandparents - we will continue ever further to reintegrate them into the 💙 of our society. 

🇫🇷 Projects for 2024:
📍develop our initiatives - the Table de nos Aînés, Invitez un Aîné à Déjeuner in new regions;
📍incite more companies to participate in our "Tables de nos Aînés x Salariés".

😉 You are touched by the cause of the elderly via our association, ÉTOILÉS ET SOLIDAIRES, help us develop the Table de nos Aînés & Invitez un Aîné à Déjeuner in regions by a tax-deductible financial donation.

Offer restaurant meals for our isolated grandparents and their carers!

The money will be used for

The money will fund the following expenses:
- lunch menus;
- salaried staff;
- travel expenses;
- logistics;
- photos and video interviews;
- social network management.
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