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1 Lettre 1 Sourire

1 Lettre 1 Sourire

Letters to break the isolation of our elders

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With 17 €,
1 Lettre 1 Sourire finances:
1 young-senior pair(s) taking part in a literary workshop
4,911 €9,000 €
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Today, in France, there are 530,000 elderly people in a situation of social death. The number of seniors isolated from family and friendship circles has also more than doubled, rising from 900,000 in 2017, to 2 million in 2021. 

Faced with an aging population (14 million French people are over 65, i.e. 20% of the population), there is today a burning need to rethink the place of seniors in our society to create a more supportive future and develop intergenerational actions. In addition, there is a real need to assist caregivers.


1 letter 1 smile is an online platform that enables anyone to write a caring letter to elderly men or women living in senior facilities or at home. The scheme aims to provide an innovative solution to the isolation of residents.

As well as sending daily letters to its 1,400 EHPAD partners in France and abroad, the association carries out a number of other activities, such as organizing Literary Workshops around the world of La Fontaine to be performed in intergenerational pairs, or a theatrical tour whose play was created using extracts from letters received...

Through these various means, 1 lettre 1 sourire fights against the isolation of seniors and creates intergenerational links. 1 lettre 1 sourire is thus a simple way of bringing joy and life to seniors.
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Recent result

The association has sent over 1 million letters to isolated seniors in France and 10 other countries in the two and a half years of its existence. 850 schools and 1,400 senior establishments have registered on its website.

The money will be used for

Thanks to the funds raised, 1 lettre 1 sourire will be able to complete the redesign of the website, organize intergenerational meetings and joint actions to create ever more intergenerational links.


As part of this project, the association wishes to organize each month for 1 year: 
- 1 Literary Workshop with about fifteen pairs;
- 1 performance of the play in front of about fifty elderly people.
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