Gourmet meals to break the isolation of our seniors

😍 2023, a year of mobilization for our isolated grandparents update

😍 2023, a year of mobilization for our isolated grandparents

🤗 A look back at this magnificent, joyful and hectic year 2023 when so many of you took part in our gastronomic initiatives in favor of our seniors: our team of volunteers, chefs, partners, companies, our sponsors, personalities...

👩🏻‍🦳👨🏻‍🦳 8251 seniors have benefited from our initiatives since July 2019. 

📍Some figures from 2023: 
🍽 123 events carried out ;
👏 34 "Table de nos Aînés" in Paris, Rhône-Alpes, Languedoc-Roussillon, Hauts-de-France ;
👏 6 "Tables de nos Aînés x Salariés" ;
👏 72 "Inviter un Aîné à Déjeuner" ;
👏 9 "Les Chefs s'invitent chez nos Aînés" ;
👏 2 solidarity operations : 
- a distribution of logs offered by Hugues POUGET (Pastry Chef) to seniors;
- a distribution of beauty/hygiene products offered by Léa to seniors.

👩🏻‍🦳👨🏻‍🦳 For our isolated seniors, our adoptive grandparents - we will continue ever further to reintegrate them into the 💙 of our society. 

🇫🇷 Our plans for 2024:
📍develop our initiatives in new regions;
📍incentivize more companies to participate in our "Tables de nos Aînés x Salariés".

🤗You are touched by the cause of the elderly via our association, ÉTOILÉS ET SOLIDAIRES, help us develop the Table de nos Aînés & Inviter un Aîné à Déjeuner en régions through a tax-deductible financial donation.

💙 The entire Etoilés & Solidaires team wishes you a very happy and successful year 2024!

A TV reporter talks about his job over a good meal! updateFrançois-Xavier MÉNAGE surrounded by our dear elders

A TV reporter talks about his job over a good meal!

🌟 La Table de nos Aînés X Personnalité 
Once every 2 months, a personality (actor, singer, humorist, writer, journalist) comes to share his or her profession and also, to answer the seniors' questions.

🍽️ A big THANK YOU to Francois-Xavier MÉNAGE, TF1's great reporter for sharing his journalistic experiences around a beautiful intergenerational table at the Halle aux grains in Paris.

🧑🏻‍🦳👴🏻 Our dear elders were delighted to hear François-Xavier MÉNAGE talk about his job as a major reporter, and also to pass on innovative ideas for reinventing the TV news of "tomorrow". 

😉 Thanks to all the teams, especially, 
Mathieu MURATET for organizing these magnificent tablées, which the seniors remember with fondness every time. 

🎥 Video report coming soon on Étoilés et Solidaires

Invite an Elder to Lunch in your region updateCamille, a young volunteer, and Paul, a senior swimming champion

Invite an Elder to Lunch in your region

Our initiative, Invitez un Aîné à Déjeuner is expanding in the regions: Hauts-de-France, Rhône-Alpes and Paris.

🍽Our concept: a duo of isolated seniors and healthcare professionals or young people in intergenerational flatshares or family carers share a gastronomic, complicit and convivial moment in a restaurant in their geographical area.

📍The objectives of this initiative: 

  • Incentivating seniors to get out of the house and visit restaurants. Getting moving helps maintain autonomy;
  • Giving seniors the desire to eat healthily, thus combating undernutrition;
  • Recovering self-esteem: isolated seniors have regained a taste for getting ready before going to the restaurant (dressing, styling, hygiene care). Physical well-being naturally has an impact on morale;
  • Improving the home-care approach: offering a meal to senior-helper duos;
  • Favoring intergenerational or family ties between an isolated senior and a young person in an intergenerational shared apartment or family caregiver.

There's no age limit for reaching for the stars updateThere's no age limit for reaching for the stars

There's no age limit for reaching for the stars

🗞 Discover Camille OGER's article featured in the November and December 2023 issue of "Régal" magazine. Currently on newsstands. 

"What if a lunch in a good restaurant changed lives? 
The association, ETOILÉS & SOLIDAIRES offers isolated elderly people a moment of conviviality and pleasure around fine tables, awakening forgotten pleasures and gestures."

La Table de nos Aînés at FOREST + visit to MAM updateAn exquisite Table de nos Aînés

La Table de nos Aînés at FOREST + visit to MAM

📷 Discover a solidarity, cultural and gastronomic initiative...

👨🏻‍🦳👩🏻‍🦳 Our beloved seniors were invited to visit the Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris (MAM) with the excellent guide-conférencier, SALVATORE TULIPANO.
- Intergenerational lunch at the FOREST restaurant where Chef Julien SEBBAG and his team regaled us with multiple starters, main courses, desserts as colorful as they were exquisite.

🎙 Testimonial from Cedric Aumonier - member and companion at the Table de nos Aînés :
"Wonderful convivial tasting moment with our seniors from the 12th arrondissement of Paris. After visiting the museum, we enjoyed succulent dishes to share, in the shade of a cool forest in the Forest restaurant, one of the Moma group's many remarkable addresses. Our favorite was the 3-chocolate cookies..."

🌟 A big thank you to Emilie Patou of MOMA GROUP PARIS and to Sonia Legros
of Musée d'Art Moderne de Paris for organizing this initiative that is at once, supportive, cultural and gastronomic.

🎥 David Catel

La Table de nos Aînés at the Halle aux Grains updateAn intergenerational initiative

La Table de nos Aînés at the Halle aux Grains

🌟A big thank you to the entire team at CELSIUS Avocats + EASIWARE for their financial donation towards the organization of a Table de nos Aînés. 

🍽 We were very fortunate to offer a gourmet meal to Susanne, Jacqueline, Lili, Abel, Seymabon and Nathalie accompanied by the autonomous residences of the Centre d'Action Sociale de la Ville de Paris. 

👩🏻‍🦳👨🏻‍🦳 This beautiful tablée took place at the Halle aux Grains, a restaurant-café suspended in the sky. Our dear seniors discovered a surprise menu concocted by Michel BRAS, multi-starred Chef. 
📷 David CATEL 

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