Food baskets to fill the fridges of underprivileged students

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Why we love it?

Cop1 is the epitome of solidarity, and we love it! All over France, committed young people and volunteers come together to help those in need.

The project

Combating student insecurity throughout metropolitan and overseas France
workshops and outings
support programs promoting access to rights, culture, sport and employment organized in 2023
food baskets
distributed by Cop1 in 2023
supported in 2023


Setting up solidarity by and for students!
Food and clothing distributions, social, sports and cultural support: the Cop1s are multiplying their schemes to get students out of precariousness for good.

Cop1 arrive en Guadeloupe !
Cop1 a organisé une première distribution de produits alimentaires et d'hygiène par et pour les étudiant·es de Guadeloupe, inaugurant de ce fait l'antenne Cop1 de Pointe-à-Pitre !

Hébergée au Centre Information Jeunesse et en collaboration avec la Mission Locale, l’ADIL et l’association ACCORS, une centaine d'étudiant·es ont pu être accueilli·es et accompagné·es du mieux possible lors de cette première action. 

Cette antenne va pouvoir assurer un rythme d'une distribution par semaine auprès de 200 étudiant·es, pour ensuite mettre en place le dispositif d'accès aux droits, à la culture, à l'emploi et au sport dans un second temps, et ce grâce à une équipe bénévole locale jeune et dynamique ! 
Cop1 arrive en Guadeloupe !
2023: a year rich in expansion!
2023 will have marked a turning point in Cop1's development:

With 10 new locations in 2023, the association has been able to reach 4 times more students than in 2022 while improving the quality of its help through new partnerships, more and more volunteers and growing visibility.

Today, Cop1 works through 14 branches and has been able to help 45,000 students by distributing 100,000 food parcels, organizing more than 1.000 workshops and support outings, and all thanks to the efforts of 2,500 volunteers

But the fight is still far from over!!

In 2024, Cop1's development continues to meet the growing demand for help from students: Besançon, Brest, Orléans, Pointe-à-Pitre and Toulouse are on the list of the next branches to be created!
2023: a year rich in expansion!

The money will be used for

Every euro donated will help finance fresh fruit and vegetables and many other quality foods for students in precarious situations throughout France.
Joining Cop1 is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. With all the different student profiles, I feel a lot less alone in my situation and I feel really useful!
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