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Cop1 Solidarités Etudiantes

Cop1 Solidarités Etudiantes

Food baskets to fill the fridges of underprivileged students

Social actionFoodÎle-de-France
With 2 €,
Cop1 Solidarités Etudiantes finances:
1 complete, ecological and balanced food basket(s)
213 €20,000 €
2151 Captains


Responding to the dramatic rise in student poverty in France that was revealed in the wake of the Covid crisis and is only getting worse with inflation and rising student housing prices.


Setting up solidarity by and for students!
Food and clothing distributions, social, sports and cultural support: the Cop1s are multiplying their schemes to get students out of precariousness for good.
Cop1 Solidarités Etudiantes primary
Cop1 Solidarités Etudiantes secondary

Recent result

1500 volunteers who distributed over25,000 food basketsin 2022.
8 branches opened in 3 years: Paris, Marseille, Angers, Montpellier, Strasbourg, Lille, Rouen!

The money will be used for

Every euro donated will help finance fresh fruit and vegetables and many other quality foods for students in precarious situations throughout France.


Distribute 200,000 food baskets in 2023, to help precarious students throughout mainland France and overseas.
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