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Tirelires d'Avenir

Tirelires d'Avenir

Financial and social support for the integration of young adults

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For young adults (18-25 years old) without family support, there is no unconditional financial aid, and existing aid is, in reality on the ground, not very accessible to young people in situations of breakdown. 

Lacking support, many of them therefore drop out of their integration path and tip over into precariousness and severe exclusion.


Tirelires d'Avenir's mission is to support these vulnerable young adults (aged 18-25) in their path to integration through various schemes:

- Tailor-made, one-off financial support for young people who are destitute and cannot benefit from any form of assistance;

- A horizontal mentoring program, Côte à Côte, which aims to create a social link between these vulnerable young people, who are very often isolated, and young volunteers of the same age, in order to restore their self-confidence ;

- A personalized social accompaniment to support young people with complex backgrounds in their integration processes (looking for housing, employment, applying for residence permit renewal...).
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Recent result

Since January 2023: 
- Over 70 participants have joined the social bonding program, Côte à Côte;
- Nearly 25 young people are supported financially;
- Around 20 young people are supported in their integration efforts by a social worker.

The money will be used for

The money raised will be used to fund various schemes to support even more young people in their path to integration.


As the demand for financial support grows, Tirelires d'Avenir would like to be able to help as many young people as possible meet their basic needs so they can stay focused on their integration paths. 
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