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Fratries creates well-placed colivings in major French cities, where 10 to 13 active young people live together, half of whom are mentally handicapped and/or autistic. On a day-to-day basis, Fratries supports these young people in their social and professional integration.
open by the end of 2024, and other projects underway to meet major needs throughout France
in Fratries homes by the end of 2024
housemates with disabilities supported towards greater autonomy, towards and into employment


Fratries' mission is to promote the integration of young people with mental disabilities and autistic disorders into the mainstream, through housing and employment.

So, Fratries is developing colivings: beautiful furnished houses in the heart of towns, where young working people, with and without disabilities, share their daily lives. Close to transport and shops, access to employment is also facilitated. On a day-to-day basis, housemates with mental handicaps or autistic disorders are supported towards independence and employment. 
And it works! Genuine friendships are forged, with everyone testifying to their mutual enrichment!

In 3 years, 3 Fratries colivings have opened their doors in Nantes, Colombes and Rennes, thanks to the mobilization of numerous players & patrons! 
Given the success of these first colivings (100% occupancy rate), and to meet the many requests from young people wishing to join a fratrie, 3 new homes will open by the end of 2024 and other projects are underway in other major French cities.  

Employment support at Fratries
Employment support at Fratries
At Fratries, house managers wear many hats: they support housemates with disabilities in deploying their shared living project, but they also dedicate part of their time to job-coaching!

They help disabled housemates find jobs in mainstream employment, and follow up with employers to make sure everything is going smoothly. Alongside their job coach, the currently unemployed housemates reflect on their desires, to develop a professional project in line with their talents. The house managers support them in their search for internships and work experience, to consolidate their project. Is your company recruiting? Our housemates are interested, so don't hesitate to contact us: [email protected] 

And for those housemates who are working, the house managers are also there to support them on a daily basis in their relationship with their employer and in the organization of their working life.

In fact, the first half of 2024 was marked by the signing of fixed-term contracts, permanent contracts and several internships. It's certain that vocations have been born!" 

Some key figures: Fratries accompanies 100% of housemates and future housemates with disabilities. 70% of them are in post within a year of opening a home. Today, this represents 37 young working people with disabilities supported towards and in employment by Fratries. And it's all thanks to you, our supporters on Captain Cause. A big thank you! 🙌  
Fratries Rennes open!
Fratries Rennes open!
Hello everyone,
This is it, Fratries Rennes has gradually opened its doors and the coliving has been fully booked since January 2024! 
In this completely renovated and equipped coliving, 13 active young people including 7 with mental disabilities or autistic disorders are happily living together, accompanied by Joseph, the house manager, social and shared life facilitator but also job coach for the young people with disabilities. He works in close collaboration with William, Déborah, Cyndia and Léna, the carers who take turns every day to help these young people become more independent.Rapidly, the roommates have developed a close bond and, as in any other shared apartment, they share lots of good times and learn from each other!
Thank you to all our sponsors, who have made it possible for Fratries Rennes to open its doors. 
Together, we can participate in a more inclusive society.

The money will be used for

This mission is carried out by the house manager, the social and shared life coordinator, who reserves part of his time for this support.

If they so wish, he helps the young people to carry out internships and find a job in line with their desires and talents. Once on the job, he stays in close contact with each young person's employer and/or mentor to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

15 € = 1 hour of support towards employment

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Why we love it?

Fratries is a lovely shared-accommodation project for young people with and without disabilities, where they can share good times, create social links and learn to live together. Some gain in autonomy and self-confidence, others break out of their solitude and change their outlook on disability, and in the end, everyone's a winner!

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