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This energetic Marseilles-based association has already raised awareness among more than 6,500 schoolchildren in the Marseilles area, and is now looking to become a full-time professional!


The challenge is to manage to raise the awareness of as many people as possible, in a period of time limited by the climatic stakes we have to face. 

We want our speeches to reach the ecologists of a day as well as the ecologists in the know, all in a good mood and without guilt.


Awareness-raising activities in schools put young people at the heart of the proposed activity, because they are THE ones who will make the ecological transition. 

Workshops highlight young people's creativity and inventiveness in finding sustainable solutions to climate change, while giving them the necessary keys to mature their ideas beyond this intervention.

The money will be used for

The money will be used to finance awareness-raising workshops in the most deprived schools in the city of Marseille: organized on a voluntary basis for 5 years now, Clean my Calanques would like to pay its trainers so they can work full-time. 
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