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Why we love it?

We love this association whose ambition is its watchword. In order to combat the scourge of waste invading our mountains, Mountain Riders has chosen to tackle the root of the problem. In addition to their litter-picking efforts, they have undertaken a number of awareness-raising initiatives!

The project

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Reducing litter at source in 20 areas of the Alps
young people
aware of climate change by 2023
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To this end, since 2021 Mountain Riders has been piloting the "Montagne Zéro Déchet" project, a program to reduce waste at source. Through the deployment of educational tools, the dissemination of awareness campaigns and the organization of waste collection and characterization operations (nature, origin), young and old are encouraged to take action to imagine a wild zero waste mountain by 2030. It's still possible to see a zero-waste mountain by 2030!

National Zero Waste Mountain Meetings
 The mountains are an unspoilt territory, yet every year, tons of litter are collected. Unchecked mountain pollution has an impact on the Planet's aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity. As essential players in the start of the water cycle, La Montagne is committed, with one voice, to achieving zero uncontrolled waste in the mountains by 2030.
This is why we are organizing, on March 21 thefirst National Meetings Mountain Zero Uncontrolled Waste in 2030 in Chambéry.

 👉🏻 On the program: 
- Speeches by experts on wild pollution in the mountains, 
- Feedback from the field on source reduction solutions, 
- 1st assessments and forecasts of the national commitment Montagne Zéro Déchet sauvage en 2030. 

🎯A friendly and constructive day, ambitiously turned towards the future of our mountains! Together for our mountains!
National Zero Waste Mountain Meetings
Our history
The origins of Mountain Riders can be traced back to litter picks in the mountains. More than 20 years later, the association is still going strong. The theme? Education in ecological transition in the mountains. Garbage pick-ups? We're still doing it! The Montagne Zéro Déchet Sauvage en 2030 project was born of this observation: 20 years on, we're still collecting. 

The ambition is simple: 0 wild waste in our mountains by 2030. This goal is no longer Mountain Riders': on March 16, 2023,many mountain players committed to this objective, through the signing of a charter, and the creation of action plans. What we're aiming for today: reduction at source. If we want to stop collecting, we need to turn off the tap!

Through collection and characterization, through empowerment of territories, thanks to scientific data, with the federation of players and by raising awareness of all, the intention is clear: we need to play it collective!

The money will be used for

Funding will be used to supply characterization kits (tarpaulins, collection bags, scales, gloves, characterization sheets) and to train local players in the proper use of these tools, thus enabling them to organize awareness-raising operations and workshops independently.
The meaning of our actions lies in education, training and awareness-raising: helping people to understand what's at stake, giving them a sense of direction, accepting debates and ideas, reflecting together in order to take action.
Camille Rey-Gorrez
Directrice de Mountain Riders
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Occitanie, Grand Est, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
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