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Mountain Riders

Mountain Riders

A program to reduce waste at the root

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With 750 €,
Mountain Riders finances:
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6,560 €15,000 €
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Since 2001, Mountain Riders has been organizing and coordinating national litter-picking campaigns in the mountains. After 20 years of direct action in the field with several thousand volunteers and tons of waste collected in the mountains, the facts are clear: there is still just as much litter in the mountains (7.5 tons collected in 2021!). Today, it's high time to turn the corner and really reduce the presence of litter in the mountains.


To this end, since 2021 Mountain Riders has been piloting the "Montagne Zéro Déchet" project, a program to reduce waste at source. Through the deployment of educational tools, the dissemination of awareness campaigns and the organization of waste collection and characterization operations (nature, origin), young and old are encouraged to take action to imagine a wild zero waste mountain by 2030. It's still possible to see a zero-waste mountain by 2030!
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Recent result

In 2021, the association collected 7.5 tons of waste through 52 collection operations mobilizing 2,800 people in the field.

The money will be used for

Funding will be used to supply characterization kits (tarpaulins, collection bags, scales, gloves, characterization sheets) and to train local players in the proper use of these tools, thus enabling them to organize awareness-raising operations and workshops independently.


For the year 2023, produce and deploy 10 characterization kits in the territories and each time train all players (citizens, tourist offices, town halls, ...) in their use.
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