Ecology explained to youngsters

350kg collected for our Christmas Market update

350kg collected for our Christmas Market

On December 17, 2023 we held our special edition Christmas Market for the 3rd year running, to which our long-standing partners were invited! An opportunity to treat our volunteers to local zero-waste products while taking part in a pollution clean-up. +350 people took part and 348kg of waste was collected!

Launch of the Green Brigades 😍 update

Launch of the Green Brigades 😍

This week, over 50 volunteers received their equipment (bags & gloves) and training to join their Neighborhood Green Brigade!
The goal? Empower citizens to clean up their streets by involving residents and shopkeepers from the same neighborhood in the fight for cleanliness. How do we do it? Through easy-to-access WhatsApp groups and snacks/gifts from local merchants to thank them for their gesture. 

Ma ville, mon terrain de jeu update

Ma ville, mon terrain de jeu

Cette année, nous avons été lauréats IMPACT 2024 avec notre projet "Ma ville, mon terrain de jeu" en collaboration avec l'Olympique de Marseille !
L'objectif ? Sensibiliser les jeunes des clubs de l'OM ainsi que leurs partenaires, via des ateliers tournés autour de la protection de l'environnement, suivis par des ramassages de déchets sur le littoral marseillais. En tout, ce sont +200 jeunes qui ont été accompagné·e·s et des centaines de kilos de déchets collectés ! 

What ideas do you have to save Marseille? update

What ideas do you have to save Marseille?

At the end of each workshop we ask this question to the young people involved.
Their answers: 
- Put in more bins
- Reduce our consumption 
- Participate in waste collections
- Use water bottles instead of plastic bottles

A high school choir covers our song "Cleaner Organisé".

Last week at a middle school in Saint-Just (13013), over 100 students took up the lyrics of our parody song from "Bande Organisée" transformed into "Cleaner Organisé" to raise awareness of ecology. 

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