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Réseau ETRE

Réseau ETRE

A training program in green jobs for school dropouts

With 50 €,
Réseau ETRE finances:
1 day(s) of training in ecological transition trades for a school dropout
3,459 €50,000 €
106 Captains


Every year in France, over 100,000 young people leave the school system without any qualifications. At the same time, the ecological transition is developing, and related professions are booming. According to ADEME,by 2050, nearly 1 million jobs will be created as part of the ecological transition.

ETRE schools have been set up to turn this dual challenge into an asset: building a training path adapted to young people who drop out of the conventional school system, while accelerating the ecological transition through trades and skills


Les Écoles de la Transition Écologique - ETRE support and train young people in difficulty in the manual trades of the ecological transition. In these training courses, which are free of charge for participants, young people discover several green and greening professions in practical, manual workshops, work on their career orientation and acquire multiple ecological transition skills. The aim of the training courses: to guide and integrate young people who have dropped out of school into a job in the ecological transition. 

Today, 10 ETRE schools, each with a trade specialization, exist throughout France. The ETRE school in Aveyron will specialize in the sustainable management of green spaces
Réseau ETRE primary
Réseau ETRE secondary

Recent result

In 2022, in its 10 schools, Les Écoles de la Transition Écologique - ETRE accompanied nearly 450 young people towards the professions of the future

69% of young people from an ETRE school are in employment or training 1 year after their training.  

2 out of 3 young people opt for a long-term career in the ecological transition after their ETRE training. 

The money will be used for

Each €50 raised will fund 1 day of training for a young person at an ETRE school. The €50 covers the remuneration of trainers, the purchase of tools and equipment used in practical workshops, and the organization of transport to enable young people to get to the training site. 

With €50 you're taking a concrete step towards enabling young people who have dropped out of school to regain a taste for learning, while helping to accelerate the ecological transition through trades and skills!


In 2023, ETRE plans to support and train nearly 700 young people in ecological transition professions. The ETRE school in Ségala is aiming to guide 50 young people into these forward-looking professions.
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