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That's it, there are 20 ETRE schools in France! update

That's it, there are 20 ETRE schools in France!

[20 Ecoles ETRE] 💚

📢 ETRE Tarn is the 20th ETRE school! 📢

It is with immense joy that we announce that the 20th ETRE School has opened in the Tarn region (81) in Gaillac, at the end of 2023!!! 🥳

🔎 But what are we doing in this new ETRE School?
👉 We discover several Ecological Transition professions
👉 We practice and train in sustainable food skills, agro-ecology, market gardening, eco-landscaping, eco-construction and sustainable energies

🗓️ What's on the 2024 program?
✅ 3 Remobilisations
✅ 1 Pre-qualification

A big congratulations to the ETRE Tarn team for this new School joining the ETRE Schools Network!

To find out all about them, visit the interactive map of schools: https://lnkd.in/duYQ2rBC.

When all the ETRE schools meet! updateFamily photo at the 2023 meetings

When all the ETRE schools meet!

The national meeting of ETRE schools is 100% renewable fuel to build on all year round!

For 3 days, all the schools involved in the ecological transition gathered at ETRE Montarnaud (Montpellier) for the September national meeting.

An unmissable highlight for the 20 active schools with so much to share! Between exchanges of practices, strategic topics and informal times, the 3 days were intense and exciting. 🌟 💚

A real burst of energy to support as best we can the young people we then meet in our structures.

The end of the school year on the theme of the circular economy update

The end of the school year on the theme of the circular economy

The month of June was an opportunity to talk circular economy professions, waste management and recycling issues, consumption patterns and eco-design with our trainees from the ETRE en Ségala school. 

So many notions and values that they put into practice through an artistic project, in aid of a Third-Place, made from 100% recycled materials, from the wood right down to the nails! Through this project, which ran throughout the month of June, the youngsters discovered carpentry by making outdoor benches, metalwork from bending to welding by making a metal arbour structure, and the patience and creativity required for woodcarving by creating totem animals that echo the natural identity of the Tiers-Lieux. 

This transition from theoretical issues to practical experimentation is the key to the ETRE schools' pedagogy. Enabling experimentation through the senses that restores a taste for learning, and developing technical skills that foster self-confidence. 

ETRE en Ségala kicks off 2023: Talking agriculture and sustainable food! updateVisit to an organic cookie factory

ETRE en Ségala kicks off 2023: Talking agriculture and sustainable food!

Thanks to Your support, ETRE en Ségala was able to set up 2 weeks of training in February dedicated to the themes of sustainable agriculture. 

5 days of training were dedicated to visits to structures: GAEC, a company making organic cookies, discovering training in agricultural high schools, making bread with peasant bakers. 
And, 5 days dedicated to workcamps at the ETRE school in Aveyron to discover teamwork, learn about wood construction through compost bins and growing bins, discover playful workshops ("What is organic", "debate between low-tech and high-tech agriculture"), ...

Combining contact with the local professional fabric and training activities designed for our public with fragile career paths, this is our recipe for awakening sensibilities, making people think and building accurate representations of professions.
2 great weeks with 7 young participants who proved to be enthusiastic. 

The ETRE school project in Aveyron takes shape! updateLearn traditional carpentry by building a dry toilet. A proud team!

The ETRE school project in Aveyron takes shape!

Autumn 2022 was an opportunity for us to validate our pre-qualification training in the trades of the Ecological Transition. With a pilot group of 8 young people, boys and girls, we spent 3 months exploring the trades of eco-construction and maintenance of green spaces through various workcamps. Thanks to your support, we are now in a position to fully deploy the ETRE en Ségala school project, with 5 training courses (lasting 2 weeks or 3 months) spread throughout 2023!

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