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Why we love it?

This Breton association provides a wildlife mediation service that enables us to learn how to better cohabit with wildlife, and thus preserve biodiversity in the best possible way!

The project

Trisk'ailes provides advice and support by telephone to anyone who finds themselves faced with an injured, sick or young bird, mammal, reptile or amphibian left to fend for itself.
of wild animals in distress are caused by human activities
2 600
wild animals
are helped every year by the telephone mediation service
26 000
wild animals
in distress were cared for by Trisk'ailes between 2007 and 2021 in its former care center.


The Trisk'ailes wildlife mediation service accompanies an average of over 2,600 people every year, helping around 8 birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians a day. The service is based on the principle of "learning by doing", which teaches the right gestures to adopt, avoiding errors of interpretation and action, and limiting unnecessary intervention (capture, captivity and transport being stressful acts for wild animals).

This way, Trisk'ailes favors the least intrusive possible intervention on site. Thus, during the breeding season (March-August), its team guides the birds back to the nest or builds a replacement nest.

The money will be used for

The mediation mission impacts several expense items. Here's what your donations finance in concrete terms:
  • A majority of the salary of the animal caretaker who handles 99% of the requests to help wild animals in distress
  • A cell phone package necessary for processing
  • Part of the electricity and internet charges
  • A small part of the salary of the development officer who analyzes and valorizes mediation data to make it accessible and improve the mediation service
  • A portion of the allowance reserved for the civic service volunteers trained to replace the salaried mediator during her leave
I defend environmental and animal causes, but also social ones. That's why I believe in the Trisk'ailes care center project. My aim is to create a welcoming structure that provides real well-being for wildlife and the people who help them.
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Céline Vacher
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