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Care for wild animals in distress

With 6 €,
Trisk'ailes finances:
1 rescued wild animal(s)


The erosion of biodiversity is global, and we are all affected by this catastrophe. In Brittany, urbanization, intensive agriculture and habitat fragmentation are the main activities responsible for the disappearance of species populating the environment.

While citizens' desire to take action grows year on year, the number of wild animals in need of help is increasing by 20-30% at the same time in overwhelmed care centers. To respond to these contradictory impulses, Trisk'ailes has created its wildlife mediation service.


The Trisk'ailes wildlife mediation service assists over 2,800 people every year, helping around 8 birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians a day. In this way, the association transmits the right gestures, and helps to avoid errors of interpretation and action, and to limit unnecessary interventions (capture, placing in captivity and transport being stressful acts for wild animals).

This way, Trisk'ailes favors the least intrusive possible intervention on site. Thus, during the breeding season (March-August), its team guides the birds back to the nest or builds a replacement nest.
Trisk'ailes primary
Trisk'ailes secondary

Recent result

Since April 2021, Trisk'ailes has already come to the aid of 6062 wild animalsand handled 5886 requests from over 550 communes. It relies on its expertise in wildlife care: an animal carer with 5 years' experience and the management of a care center. 

The money will be used for

Each €50 helps 8 wild animals found injured, sick or abandoned by an individual who could be a loved one, a neighbor or yourself.


From €4,500, Trisk'ailes will be able to provide its wildlife mediation service for the next three months.
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