Care for wild animals in distress

1923 wild animals helped since January updateCommon murre helped after storm Ciara

1923 wild animals helped since January

Since the beginning of the year, we have helped5 wild animals every day (on average) via our telephone mediation service.

In October, we entered the off-season with a slowdown in mediation activity, as every year.

However, we went through a storm period that impacted wildlife.  We received calls for at least 13 birds - of which 2/3 were seabirds - that suffered from the weather in November and into early December.

Penguins, Gannets, Common Murres, Great Egrets and Little Egrets, Wood Pigeons and Turtle Doves...

In November, we were also able to display our exhibition "Rehabilitating the image of the gull" at the Université Bretagne Sud in Lorient for 2 weeks, to restore this unloved protected species to its place in the ecosystem. Another way of taking action that is important and complementary to mediation.

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We've helped 1,455 wild animals in 5 months! updateEuropean hedgehog helped by Trisk'ailes in 2023 - Photo by a discoverer

We've helped 1,455 wild animals in 5 months!

Since the arrival of Trisk'ailes in the Captain Cause catalog, our team of enthusiasts has not been idle!

Since April 1, we have helped10 wild animals every day (on average).

In June - a month later than in 2022 - we reached the annual peak of activity alone representing 30% of the solicitations received for birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians in distress in the Breton area and beyond.

The European hedgehog remains the species most concerned. Victims of diseases and parasites due to their weakened immune systems, unearthed while gardening, knocked down on the roads, trapped in our infrastructures or even predated by our pets...

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