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Le Chainon Manquant

Le Chainon Manquant

Anti-waste for a healthy and varied diet for all

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Less waste, more sharing!

In the 21st century, in France, 8 million people can't afford to feed themselves according to their needs- and food insecurity continues to grow with successive crises! At the same time, 10 million tons of food are thrown away or lost every year. This makes no sense at all! 

Faced with this France of full garbage cans and empty fridges, how better to make the link between those who have too much and those in need? 


Complementing historical solutions, the association offers a local, reliable and responsive food donation scheme, adapted to fresh and fragile produce. Every day, volunteers from the Le Chainon Manquant association collect quality food surpluses from professionals - from the community or event catering or local shops - and then immediately redistribute them, on a cold link basis, to people in difficulty via a network of nearby partner associations. Its mission thus meets the dual challenge of fighting against food waste,in particular from rapidly perishable products, and solidarity,for healthy, varied, quality food for all! 
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Recent result

In 2021, more than 200 tonnes of food were saved from destruction and the equivalent of 450,000 meals were redistributed to frontline associations and the thousands of people in precarious situations they support. 

The money will be used for

The two years of Covid 2020/2021 have marked an important turning point for this association, which has doubled its volume of activity to meet growing needs in the field. To maintain this level of activity, it absolutely must restructure its logistics. The sums collected will benefit the association's Ile-de-France branch, and will be used to finance the rental, refurbishment and fitting out of two storage points in Ile-de-France where transport crates and food bins can be cleaned and stored - under the right hygienic conditions. 

If the amounts collected exceed the first level, this will enable them to cover a greater proportion of their various logistical costs, which are exploding with the energy crisis.


With an initial target of €5,000, the association would like to create two logistical anchor points for the association in and around Paris. The locations have been identified. A restructuring of its logistics is essential to maintain and better ensure its mission of collecting and redistributing around 300,000 fresh meals/year in the Ile-de-France region. 
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