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Why we love it?

Combining the fight against food waste, the fight against precariousness and quality food is the (very) successful gamble of Le Chaînon Manquant, and we can't help but endorse this ingenious ecological and social innovation!

The project

SolidarityCircular economy
Create two logistics hubs in and around Paris
of people in food insecurity in France in 2022
tonnes of food wasted in France every year
of high-quality fresh meals distributed by Le Chainon Manquant to solidarity associations


Complementing historical solutions, the association offers a local, reliable and responsive food donation scheme, adapted to fresh and fragile produce. Every day, volunteers from the Le Chainon Manquant association collect quality food surpluses from professionals - from the community or event catering or local shops - and then immediately redistribute them, on a cold link basis, to people in difficulty via a network of nearby partner associations. Its mission thus meets the dual challenge of fighting against food waste,in particular from rapidly perishable products, and solidarity,for healthy, varied, quality food for all! 

A stronger team!
Hello Captains!

A word to celebrate with you our integration of the new class of 2024 🥳
Where there's a new class there's a new, strengthened team to meet new ambitions!

In particular, we had the joy of welcoming Matthias this March to take charge of operations for the Ile-de-France region, and that's thanks to you and your support - a huge thank you 🙏

Many challenges - particularly sporting - await the Ile-de-France team this year.
Waiting to tell you more, we're happy to introduce you to our Paris 2024 team!!

See you soon,
The Chaînon Manquant team
A stronger team!
Many thanks for this year 2023!
WHAT? already the last day of January?! 😯

No time to land in 2024 when the Chaînon Manquant has already set off again for a new year in the service of solidarity associations, which need our help more than ever!

But before we talk about the new projects coming up, we really must stop for a moment to tell you about our volunteers who take turns every day in the field and compete with courage and tenacity to meet the challenges of our solidarity and anti-gaspi action. 

- In 2023, no less than 321 volunteers are committed to our antennas, which representsseveral thousands of volunteer hours in the field but also beyond! 🤩

- Despite a significant drop in supply volumes, together we collected and revalorized over 150 tons of fresh produce in 2023, equivalent to around 310,000 meals (or 27 elephants well plumped 🐘)   

- And finally, the year ended with a very fine recognition of the impact of our action, notably rewarded by the Trophées ESS de la Ville de Paris 

All this has been made possible not only by the commitment of our volunteers, but also thanks to that of our partners and patrons, who have collectively supported the Chaînon Manquant project since 2014, and of which Captain Cause difters have been a full part for the past year. So on behalf of the whole team, a IMMENSE THANK YOU to you 🫶 !

All that remains is for us to wish you a wonderful 2024 committed year full of joy, meaning, positive impacts ... and above all, difts
Many thanks for this year 2023!

The money will be used for

The two years of Covid 2020/2021 have marked an important turning point for this association, which has doubled its volume of activity to meet growing needs in the field. To maintain this level of activity, it absolutely must restructure its logistics. The sums collected will benefit the association's Ile-de-France branch, and will be used to finance the rental, refurbishment and fitting out of two storage points in Ile-de-France where transport crates and food bins can be cleaned and stored - under the right hygienic conditions. 

If the amounts collected exceed the first level, this will enable them to cover a greater proportion of their various logistical costs, which are exploding with the energy crisis.
I'd like any quality surplus, the fruit of the earth's riches and our labor, to be useful to the men, women and children who need it.
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Valérie de Margerie
Co-founder and President
Île-de-France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Certified by Captain Cause
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