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An immersion in tech for everyone

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With 17 €,
Witech finances:
1 hour(s) of coding immersion for a young person in a priority zone
8,638 €10,000 €
239 Captains


By 2030, 1.75 million promising jobs will emerge in the digital sector. Unfortunately, many individuals face barriers to accessing them. Some priority neighborhoods have a 30% lower attractiveness for tech professions, and gender inequality persists with 5 times fewer women seeking to enter them. 

Psychological barriers, lack of self-confidence and misinformation limit engagement with and exploration of these future professions. The lack of knowledge and diversified success models amplifies this disparity.


The Witech code program presents itself as a gateway to the digital world, training young people aged 12 to 25 in key technical skills (programming, web development, AI). Focusing on profitability and positive social impact (#TechForGood), it sparks vocations and inspires all individuals to consider a career in the digital sector. 

The training is open to all, regardless of gender, as everyone has a role to play in building an inclusive digital future. By promoting inclusion and breaking down barriers, equal opportunities in the digital world are boosted.
Witech primary
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Recent result

Since September 2020, of the 500 learnersWitech code, 60% are womenand 65% from priority neighborhoods. They took part in an exceptional experience, were immersed in computer programming and positive-impact entrepreneurship. Finally, they acquired the human skills of autonomy and collaboration.

The money will be used for

A complete coding immersion course for one young person costs €290. The amount raised will cover the costs of training and intervention of the trainers and the logistical costs of the training.


The association's target for 2023 is to support 350 young people, 60% of them women.
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