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Trouve Ta Voix

Trouve Ta Voix

Speaking out to reveal young people's potential

With 30 €,
Trouve Ta Voix finances:
1 young people from priority high schools taking part in training and the eloquence competition
1,094 €10,000 €
16 Captains


The ability to speak in public is a strong marker of social inequality, even though it is essential at every stage in the personal development of young people, right up to their professional integration. Yet today's schools teach reading, writing and arithmetic, but not enough about speaking. Young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods need support to build their self-confidence and reveal their full potential.


Trouve Ta Voix is committed to equal opportunity by providing long-term support to young people from the most disadvantaged backgrounds in their professional integration and the revelation of their potential through public speaking through various training programs.

The introductory speaking program for 2nd year students in priority public high schools is based on an innovative pedagogy that enables everyone to express themselves in a caring environment in order to: 
- reveal their potential; 
- gain self-confidence;
- open up their field of possibilities;
- take their place in society and contribute to a better way of living together
Trouve Ta Voix primary
Trouve Ta Voix secondary

Recent result

Since 2018, Trouve Ta Voix has trained over 5,000 young peopleunder the age of 25 in public speaking. In 2023, through its program in priority high schools, Trouve Ta Voix trained nearly 2,000 students for 10 hours and enabled them all to take part in its annual high school eloquence competition, the final of which is held at the Pantheon.

To see the recap of the 2023 final: click here !

The money will be used for

The money raised will finance:
- the organization of training sessions in partner classes;
- the printing of teaching aids;
- the organization of the four stages of the eloquence competition.


Thanks to this project, Trouve Ta Voix hopes to train 300 young people through the establishment of new partnerships with 5 priority high schools in Occitanie, notably in the cities of Toulouse, Montpellier, Nîmes and Perpignan
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