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👩‍💻🌟 Bootcamp 100% filles chez VivaTech 🚀👩‍💼 update

👩‍💻🌟 Bootcamp 100% filles chez VivaTech 🚀👩‍💼

We're proud to share feedback on our 100% girls' bootcamp in partnership with Viva Technology during the February vacations.
A score of young girls had the opportunity to take part in a bootcamp organized at the heart of the VivaTech premises. They were immersed in an intense hackathon, supervised by a dynamic team.
The program included a design thinking workshop, where they brought their ideas to life, accompanied by the Schoolab team. They created their graphic charter and designed their logo. They then applied their web development skills to create an attractive website. They perfected their pitching skills, essential for these future entrepreneurs 👀.
The secret to this exceptional week? The support and mentoring of 20 VivaTech employees, who coached the participants and shared their expertise with these young leaders.
On Friday, they had the opportunity to present their projects in front of a jury, their loved ones and VivaTech employees.
It was much more than just a week of learning: it was a celebration of the strength, talent and potential of young girls in technology and innovation.
A big thank you to everyone who made this week possible👏

A double-impact hackathon ✨ update

A double-impact hackathon ✨

Creating a website for an association while engaging middle and high school students and Deloitte employees? Witech made it happen!
💻 Last week, middle and high school students from our youth committee initiated the creation of a website for Sira Association, which fights against student poverty. On the program: drafting the specifications, choosing a host and creating the site's tree structure.
💡 All with the help of Deloitte employees who are experts in these subjects.

Creative youth 🌟 update

Creative youth 🌟

During the school vacations, we accompanied 18 energetic young people, aged 11 to 16, for a week-long hackathon that culminated in a pitch competition. Our aim? Make them aware of the environmental and social issues around us, and encourage them to come up with concrete solutions.
We firmly believe that action is the key to change.
The pitch competition was special, because we had a special panel of judges: the leaders of the youth committee. These young people evaluated the projects with a fresh, authentic eye. For us, the idea is to create an autonomous system, because we are convinced that they possess all the necessary resources and that our role is simply to accompany them and help them identify them.
One of the initiatives that particularly touched us was the one dreamed up by a group of 4 young people: the creation of the association Les Harceleurs Anonymes.
All too often, we hear about victims of harassment, but what about the harassers themselves? These young people had the brilliant idea of setting up a space of trust and support for those who find themselves in this delicate, often misunderstood and isolated situation.
We also congratulate this year's winners: Un Foyer pour Tous. Their project involves providing a turnkey structure to support homeless people towards personal fulfillment and professional integration.

Video review of the Learners' Hackathon 🌟

What pride! What intensity!
Six girls and six boys collaborated in groups to design projects all focused on positive impact. They prepared their pitch and brought their vision to life through the creation of a website to showcase their project.
Entrepreneurship, creativity, collective intelligence, learning web development, web design and speaking! All in the space of one intense week.
Congratulations to our young talents 🌟
We thank all the contributors who support our mission.

A look back at our First Promo of Future Leaders 💫🌟 update

A look back at our First Promo of Future Leaders 💫🌟

 We're starting the year by laying the first stone of our mission: to create an environment where young girls feel legitimate, gain self-confidence and evolve in a caring environment. Today, we're delighted to share with you our enthusiasm for our program: Witech Bootcamp 100% girls.
🚀 2024 goal: to support 160 young girls in the Île-de-France region! We're determined to create opportunities and support these future leaders on their journey.
💪💼 Our warmest thanks go to Sakina B., our first role model of the year, who shared her invaluable advice and inspired our participants to aim for success.
🙏 A huge thank you to Viva Technology and the foundation for their support, which enables us to realize this mission and propel female talent in the tech world. 

Back from the hackathon ✨ update

Back from the hackathon ✨

 🚀 The youngest entrepreneur in our class is just 11 years old! At Witech, we offer an unforgettable experience🔥
10 young people aged 11 to 14 presented their projects in front of an exceptional jury ✨ and an audience of 90.
Before the big day, they took part in an intensive hackathon. In one week, they created a fictitious company, designed a graphic charter with a logo, learned to develop a website in HTML and CSS, and perfected their art of the pitch 🎙.
We're proud of the results: 4 projects with a strong social and environmental impact.
The big winners:
🚀 O Matching - An AI offering an adaptive guidance path for young middle-schoolers.
The public's favorite prize:
📘 Connected Notebook - A connected notebook that automatically scans and organizes your lessons.
Super Girls:
📚 IA School - An IA that supports young people with learning difficulties by adapting to their needs.
Super Boys:
🌱 Ecorécup - A plastic recycling plant that transforms waste into sports equipment, with facilities adapted for people with disabilities.
Congratulations to these promising young people 🌟 We wish everyone all the best for the future 🚀

Witech code : hackathon apprenant ✨ update

Witech code : hackathon apprenant ✨

Pitching your project at the age of 14? That's the experience at Witech ✨
Six girls and six boys aged 14 to 17 took part in an intensive hackathon during the October vacations. An experience rich in learning and encounters.
For a week, these young talents were trained in design thinking, web development with Bootstrap, web design, and the art of pitching. Their objective? Design an ephemeral business and create a website to present it.
As a bonus 💡, they also took part in a "Tech for Good" workshop led by the Latitudes association.
At the close of this event, the participants took part in a pitch competition where parents were invited to discover their children's achievements.
What pride for parents to see their children's achievements! 😍
We'd like to warmly thank all the speakers, the pitch jury, the parents and our young talents for this incredible week 💜

Clap de fin for Witech Bootcamps Estivaux 🌟 update

Clap de fin for Witech Bootcamps Estivaux 🌟

A great experience for all of us, this edition of the Witech Bootcamps was a highlight.
🔢 A few figures: nearly 50 young people, aged 11 to 17, from various towns in the Mantes la Jolie basin, shone alongside us. Two engineering students guided this adventure with brio.
A program rich in discovery:
Our youngsters plunged into a dynamic world of learning with a series of tech workshops, supervised by the engineering students, as well as digital accessibility workshops with expert Meriam SAAD from Accenture France. Cultural workshops with the Jeunesses sans frontières association gave rise to new confidence and skills.
🏢 Enriching corporate discoveries: our participants had the opportunity to visit three inspiring companies: EDF Energies Renouvelables, Pur Projet and Shippeo. These visits opened doors to new professional horizons.
🏋️‍♀️ Essential balance: our commitment to a holistic approach to education manifested itself through sports workshops, emphasizing the importance of a healthy mind in a healthy body.
These bootcamps were an educational adventure rich in discovery, interaction and inspiration. Thank you to all those who helped shape this beautiful journey towards learning and development. 🌈

We're delighted to share our recent visit to Shippeo! 🚀 update

We're delighted to share our recent visit to Shippeo! 🚀

Our young Witech talents had the opportunity to discover Shippeo's professional environment during an immersive day tour. They were warmly welcomed into the company and had the opportunity to discover exciting technological roles.

During the day, they were inspired by presentations from various Shippeo experts: from the artistic design of websites, through the analysis of complex data to extract valuable insights, to the realization of concrete projects and the sharing of leadership experiences.
We would like to express our deep gratitude to Shippeo for their welcome and commitment to diversity and inclusion in technology. By joining forces, we are paving the way for a more inclusive and promising future! 💪 

🌟 A rewarding experience as web developers for our young talents!

We're delighted to share with you an immersive video highlighting the incredible experience of the young learners in our Witech Code program.
Find out more about their journey and their feedback!

The Witech Code program is launched! update

The Witech Code program is launched!

Our first class of 2023 is made up of talented young people aged 12 to 15, who have seized the opportunity to take part in a unique, hands-on experience that will enable them to develop their tech skills.
Our Witech Code program aims to be a comprehensive training program and the bridge between the digital world and these young people.
How? More than just an introductory course, our witechers spend two months in the shoes of web developers, where they are trained and guided by experts throughout the process of creating a website.
The Witech Code program is an opportunity for these young people to develop and acquire solid skills in project management and web design, and to familiarize themselves with the world of entrepreneurship by creating the websites of young entrepreneurs.
Our participants will have the opportunity to work in teams on concrete projects that prepare them for the world of work.
Transmitting, training and making opportunities in the tech world accessible is what we aspire to at Witech through the realization of our programs.

Feminization of the digital industry: immersion day with EDF x Elles Bougent update

Feminization of the digital industry: immersion day with EDF x Elles Bougent

🌟 We're proud to share with you our latest adventure into the world of tech in collaboration with EDF and the Elles bougent association!
We accompanied talented young girls aged 14 to 17 for a day, training them in web development. And guess what? The day was magical, filled with moments of discovery and sharing. 💫
Our mission was simple: to train, support and inspire young girls while breaking down the psychological barriers associated with tech. 👩‍💻
We were impressed by the enthusiasm and energy of all the participants, which convinces us that this introductory day will be the start of an exciting journey for these young girls! 💜

A learning hackaton during the December vacations update

A learning hackaton during the December vacations

For the December vacations, we organized alearning hackathon as part of our Witech code program. 20 young people, 4 teams, 7 days to:
- create a fictitious company, establish a business model and vision;
- create a logo, a graphic charter and a dynamic, responsive website while learning web development;
- train in public speaking and PITCH preparation.
The young people also benefited from an orientation coaching session.
A comprehensive program where the junction between learning and experimentation resulted in some very fine achievements. A collaborative framework that gave everyone a place, leaving room for creativity and the values of working together. The young people got involved and enjoyed the results of their efforts: knowing how to pitch in front of an audience and present the dynamic website they had learned to create.
This new intervention format for the Witech code program, which offers an immersion course in tech, was a winning bet. Mixing entrepreneurship and web development was a success and gave the young people more space to create and take ownership of the learning.

Witech has already accompanied more than 100 young people in 2022! update

Witech has already accompanied more than 100 young people in 2022!

As part of the project financed with Captain Cause, our aim was to organize introductory computer programming courses for 30 young girls and boys. Since the beginning of 2022, a total of 116 young people aged 10 to 20, including 55 girls, have taken part in the computer programming courses. 60% of the beneficiaries come from priority neighborhoods in the towns of Mantes la Jolie, in the Yvelines department, and Sevran, in Seine-Saint-Denis.

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