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Jane Goodall Institute France

Jane Goodall Institute France

An ecological corridor to restore Africa's equatorial forest

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With 5 €,
Jane Goodall Institute France finances:
1 tree(s) planted by a young person in a school
1,634 €20,000 €
48 Captains


The planet's second green lung, the African equatorial rainforest, is disappearing at an alarming rate (3.9 million hectares per year), with dire consequences for the biodiversity of which we are a part.

A few hundred chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) live in this area. They are considered "endangered due to poaching and deforestation". Yet they play an essential role in their ecosystem through their role as pollinators and actively participate in the ecological balance of tropical forests!


Identify, restore forest reserves in order tocreate an ecological corridor enabling the development of biodiversitywith the help of local populations. This project will put an end to the fragmentation of natural habitats for all local wildlife.

Local populations are at the heart of this project. They are the ones who determine where, when and how to act. They are the ones who decide how best to work for them, while preserving their natural heritage (animal and floral).
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Recent result

The previous project in Tanzania led to: 
- producing and planting 1,200,000 trees of 28 different species in 10 project villages: thousands of hectares restored over 4 years;
- raising awareness in 51 schools and 4,900 young people via the Roots & Shoots program.

The money will be used for

Sowing of trees in nurseries & planting of these trees by local populations, with awareness-raising actions on biodiversity and agroforestry. 


- 14,000 hectares making up the ecological corridor
- Planting of 300,000 indigenous trees
- Securing 110 chimpanzees from protected areas in southern Burundi
- 300,000 inhabitants of the communes of Vugizo, Mabanda and Nyanzalac cohabit peacefully with chimpanzees
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