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4,747m² of sanctuary and reforested land funded
663 difts
3 € = 1 m² of sanctuary and reforested land
Why we love it?

Semeurs de Forêts seeks to recreate oases of biodiversity untouched by human activity. Faced with the collapse of biodiversity, it's vital to keep forested areas, and not monocultures, but a multitude of species!


Climate disruption and the collapse of biodiversity are the greatest challenges we face today. Unfortunately, French forests are struggling to meet these challenges. They are often poor in biodiversity (4 species or less for 94% of them). Transformed since the Middle Ages for timber production, they are managed with this objective in mind, and are not true refuges for wildlife. They store little carbon, since intensive forestry operations release the carbon stored in the soil.


With this project, and others like it being carried out in several regions of France, Semeurs de Forêts aims to recreate forest oases where flora and fauna can flourish undisturbed, keeping human intervention to a minimum. Once the land has been purchased, volunteers reintroduce local biodiversity by planting several thousand trees. The land is then left to evolve freely. The purchase of land by Semeurs de Forêts ensures the greatest possible protection of these sites.

The money will be used for

The funds will be used to finance the purchase of the land, as well as the planting operations, which require the purchase of tree seedlings, protection, mulching, stakes and equipment. The sooner the funding is raised, the sooner the association will be able to launch other similar operations throughout France.
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