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Moi Jeu Tri

Moi Jeu Tri

Educating African schoolchildren about waste recycling

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With 2 €,
Moi Jeu Tri finances:
1 child(ren) made aware of waste recycling for 1 year
4,114 €15,000 €
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"Sorting at source and recovering household waste is impossible in Africa!"
We've heard this phrase a lot, and it's becoming by force an inevitability.
Although the African context is sometimes complex, it is possible to change mentalities and initiate a lasting change in waste sorting and recovery practices.
The challenge is to show that waste is not just a negative externality, but also a factor in economic development and social inclusion.


Moi Jeu Tri is convinced that it's the new generation that can bring about this change on environmental issues. The NGO raises awareness and mobilizes pupils in partner schools around programs to recycle household waste through playful activities: selective sorting, composting, vegetable gardens or artistic creations.

These activities create economic value: thanks to the materials recycled, the association generates kitty funds that are used to carry out impact projects in schools. This demonstration sets in motion a virtuous circle. Children then become the agents of change in their communities and help to change mentalities!
Moi Jeu Tri primary
Moi Jeu Tri secondary

Recent result

107,000 students have been mobilized in 220 schools in Togo and Côte d'Ivoire since 2017.
The mobilization of students has helped to raise awareness in more than 50,000 households and value 80 tons of materials (paper, plastics, metals, bio-waste).
Dozens of social projects have been carried out in schools: the purchase of a brass band, the renovation of a library, the purchase of a printer...
These actions now enable Moi Jeu Tri to engage public authorities and local communities in its programs!

The money will be used for

Donations will be used to fund the following 3 main items:
- the implementation of awareness-raising programs for schoolchildren;
- the purchase of sorting and recovery devices (sorting bin, composter, biodigester) in Moi Jeu Tri partner schools;
- a contribution to the costs of training and professional integration for people far from employment in charge of collecting and sorting materials.


- 20 new schools join MJT programs
- 10,000 schoolchildren in Togo and Côte d'Ivoire become ambassadors for change
- 5,000 households integrate the concept of selective sorting at source
- 5 communes strengthen their skills in waste recovery
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