Educating African schoolchildren about waste recycling

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Why we love it?

Paul and his team are putting all their energy into encouraging the younger generations in Togo and Côte d'Ivoire to collect, recycle and reuse waste, and thus become key players in changing attitudes within their communities. A magnificent circular economy project!

The project

EducationCircular economy
Raising awareness of household waste recovery among 10,000 schoolchildren in Togo and Côte d'Ivoire
132 000
to sort waste and protect the environment
project partners in Togo and Côte d'Ivoire
out of work trained in circular economy professions


Moi Jeu Tri is convinced that it's the new generation that can bring about this change on environmental issues. The NGO raises awareness and mobilizes pupils in partner schools around programs to recycle household waste through playful activities: selective sorting, composting, vegetable gardens or artistic creations.

These activities create economic value: thanks to the materials recycled, the association generates kitty funds that are used to carry out impact projects in schools. This demonstration sets in motion a virtuous circle. Children then become the agents of change in their communities and help to change mentalities!

Moi Jeu Compost, focus on the biowaste recovery program.
Moi Jeu Tri teams are mobilized to raise awareness among students about the challenges of bio-waste management. 

We raise awareness and teach students to produce compost and reuse it. Students bring the organic waste they produce in their families to the school. 

This compost is then used to feed the vegetable garden set up in the school and used by the school canteens. 

Today, 15 schools in Togo and Côte d'Ivoire are equipped with composters and biodigesters, and 8,000 pupils have been made aware of the issues involved in recovering bio-waste and producing organic vegetables.
Moi Jeu Compost, focus on the biowaste recovery program.
Inclusion and awareness of ocean protection are at the heart of Moi Jeu Tri's mission this year!
It was at the Ephphata school in Lomé, Togo, that our animators were able to pass on eco-gestures in favor of ocean preservation. In this school, adapted for deaf and hearing-impaired children, we raised awareness in several classes. Thanks to the teachers' use of sign language, our teaching and practices have been adapted for better transmission to the pupils. 

Understanding the birth of the Earth and its oceans, the birth of life and the water cycle are all themes addressed by our Ma Planète Bleue program, through an educational booklet co-created with the Fondation de la Mer. The aim of the program is to mobilize all young citizens around the ecological issues linked to the protection of marine ecosystems.

This year in Togo, we aim to raise awareness of the Ma Planète Bleue program among pupils in some 50 schools in Lomé and Togoville.
Inclusion and awareness of ocean protection are at the heart of Moi Jeu Tri's mission this year!

The money will be used for

Donations will be used to fund the following 3 main items:
- the implementation of awareness-raising programs for schoolchildren;
- the purchase of sorting and recovery devices (sorting bin, composter, biodigester) in Moi Jeu Tri partner schools;
- a contribution to the costs of training and professional integration for people far from employment in charge of collecting and sorting materials.

Moi Jeu Tri is a pedagogy of action made possible by the child's role as educator.
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