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A game to transmit the keys to thinking and undertaking differently

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The current dominant economic model based on a depletion of natural resources and an accumulation of waste is no longer viable to ensure the sustainability of our societies. 

Faced with this observation, business leaders from the Pays de la Loire region created RUPTUR in 2018 to drive, accompany and build a creative, environmental and inclusive economy for the future of our children, a more responsible and sustainable economy for the territories. 

Ruptur will only take off if the next generations are involved. That's why the association wants to inspire and raise awareness of this new way of looking at our economy and entrepreneurship from an early age.


Through its collaborative program and game "Faisons demain", dedicated to schools: 

- RUPTUR accompanies the younger generations (middle schoolers, high schoolers, students in higher education) to carry out projects that take into account environmental, social and economic issues, carrying meaning;

- RUPTUR passes on to them a foundation of values and key questions accessible to all through a game kit based on the 9 foundations of the "Blue Economy", during a collaborative workshop provided by 2 volunteers from the association ;

- RUPTUR demonstrates in concrete terms that it's possible to create viable projects that respond to social and environmental values, by promoting examples of virtuous local businesses in its game and enabling young people to meet business leaders from its network!
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Recent result

In 2022, RUPTUR has already worked with 9 schools and trained over 590 pupils and students.

The money will be used for

The money solicited by RUPTUR will help professionalize the game kit, making it more playful and interactive by drawing on the skills of expert designers. This will make it possible to publish the game in several copies, in sustainable, reusable, recyclable materials. 

The money raised will also make it possible to create events and communication actions around these transmission workshops. 

RUPTUR will finally be able to offer its workshops to a growing number of schools, by recruiting and training facilitators to help it carry out this mission.


RUPTUR hopes to offer its workshops to all the departments in the Pays de la Loire region in 2024, and then more widely in France thereafter!
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