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Why we love it?

After enabling students at the Crous de Strasbourg to choose the vegan option every day, Assiettes Végétales is now tackling school catering to democratize a more plant-based diet. The aim is to help students, from primary to secondary school, to adopt good eating habits for the rest of their lives: healthy, affordable and sustainable food that helps preserve the planet... What a win-win-win project!

The project

Assiettes Végétales is changing the law to put vegan options on the menu, and is training, informing and supporting youth catering professionals to give them the keys to a balanced, attractive and tasty daily vegetarian offering.
farm animals to be saved each year by winning the youth canteen campaign
6 000
tonnes of CO2 saved on average each year through our actions
meals converted per year by the association


If 50% of the daily food supply in youth canteens were vegetarian, France would save 510K tonnes of CO2 equivalent every year. And would save, in the process, between 15 and 32 million animals currently suffering from intensive fishing and farming. All the while allowing every child to eat well every day at the canteen, whatever their diet and faith.

Assiettes Végétales: 1st assessment 2024 🌱
The successes unlocked by Assiettes Végétales and its 💚captains💚 since January, can be seen here!

🏆 23 structures with the "Assiettes Vertes" label, including 3 Crous and 6 municipalities. Since January, 6 new structures have joined the community of label holders.

🚀 Exemplary! Assiettes Végétales has made the veg turn official for Crous de Strasbourg and its 1.4 million meals annually. The Crous offers a daily vegetarian option, chosen by over 30% of students, as well as a weekly veggie day for all.

👨‍⚖️Minister for Public Transformation and Civil Service Stanislas Guerini visited Strasbourg's Crous with our co-founder and congratulated the Crous and Assiettes Végétales on their approach.

 🧒 Lyon, France's 3rd largest city, received the label from our association for its daily veggie offer and its two weekly 100% veggie days. 26,000 primary school pupils are involved!

👑 A giant sets an example! The world's leading contract caterer, Sodexo, has vegetalized the menus in the company restaurant at its French headquarters and received our label.

💥 After accompanying the Yvelines department towards the vegetalization of its menus, Assiettes Végétales has seen the culmination of this partnership. It's official, every day, 10,350 middle school students choose the daily veg option.

⚖️ The "veggie school canteens" advocacy is making great strides. In Paris, our advocacy officer Keyvan has meeted MPs, senators and Ministries to lead them towards the only possible decision: to veganize the diets of young French people.

 📻 A podcast to listen to! Morgane answers questions from the podcast Le dos de la cuillère:

💚 Merci aux captains qui soutiennent Assiettes Végétales. We need you: join us!
Assiettes Végétales: 1st assessment 2024 🌱

The money will be used for

  • Mobilize national political players to promote a law imposing the daily veg option on school canteen menus
  • Federate the network of associations involved in menu veganization (Greenpeace, Climate Action Network....)
  • Design new 100% plant-based turnkey recipes for youth catering
  • Advise, train and inform those involved in catering (elected representatives and professionals)
  • Label local authorities and Crous offering a high-quality vegan daily option as "Assiettes Vertes", to inspire the entire sector
Many people tell me they wish they'd grown up with a positive diet. For the new generation, it's not too late!
Morgane Paris
Donor Relations Manager
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