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Assiettes Végétales

Assiettes Végétales

A daily veggie option in France's school canteens

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With 1 €,
Assiettes Végétales finances:
10 school canteen guests discover vegetarian food for a week
577 €10,000 €
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In France, 24% of the consumption carbon footprint is due to food. According to the IPCC, the best ecogesture is to vegetalize individual diets

If 50% of the supply in school canteens were vegetarian, France would save around 600.000 tons of CO2, while preserving natural water and soil resources, overexploited by the intensive livestock industry.

Vegetating schoolchildren's food also has a cultural impactover the long term, as sustainable, healthy, ethical and inclusive food is something that needs to be discovered and learned. Schools have a role to play in learning about food citizenship... And not just in the classroom!


Assiettes Végétales supports local authorities and canteens in charge of school catering towards the introduction of a daily vegetarian option to complement the classic offer. 

Our actions :
- define clear, quantified objectives with local authorities on vegan meals;
- train canteen chefs in vegan cooking;
- design tasty, balanced turnkey recipes;
- organize events to discover vegan options and raise awareness among pupils of the benefits of a more plant-based diet;
- label innovative canteens and local authorities.
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Recent result

With Captain Cause, Assiettes Végétales has enabled the Crous de Strasbourg to introduce a daily vegetarian option in its university canteens. By training canteen chefs, committing the university to sustainable food, and organizing vegetarian weeks that win over young eaters, the association has improved the diet of 80,000 students.

The money will be used for

- Follow-up with chefs trained in vegetarian cooking
- Design balanced, tasty turnkey vegetarian recipes
- Organize weeks dedicated to vegetarian offerings
- Print materials to raise awareness of the environment on plates
- Organize the labeling of innovative canteens and territories
- Enable campaign managers to travel to the field to train chefs, award the "Assiettes Vertes" label and frame projects


Discover vegetarian food to pupils in 500 canteens across France, including in collèges in Seine-Saint-Denis, Yvelines and Paris, in lycées in Grand Est, Occitanie, Hauts-de-France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and many others.
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