Participatory neighborhood canteens to (re)connect people

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Les Petites Cantines
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Why we love it?

On dit que les meilleures innovations sont celles qui semblent les plus simples. Les Petites Cantines a tout d’une innovation sociale géniale : un projet simple, des structures pérennes car autonomes financièrement, un modèle réplicable à l’infini, une analyse du problème profonde et une solution aussi nécessaire qu’efficiente !

The project

Les Petites Cantines are participatory, free-price neighborhood restaurants. Diners can come and cook and/or share a meal - everyone is welcome! The aim is to encourage people to get together, (re)forge links and build confidence in themselves, others and the future.
guests feel welcome as they are, without having to play a role.
54 000
were served in 2023 in the 13 Petites Cantines opened.
of guests feel confident with other guests, including those they don't know.


Have you ever been in a waiting room? On a train? Or at a bus stop? If so, you've probably already exchanged those little smiles, those characteristic nods with the strangers present with you. These are people you don't know, who you'll only see briefly, and who will probably quickly slip from your mind.

Now imagine that these people, the neighbor on the TGV, the person you hold the door for, the shopkeeper you see every day... Imagine that all these people, along with you, are invited to a shared lunch. A lunch in a place that's big but not too big, with a simple, good meal, a place that's a little bit your home, a little bit theirs... That's the proposal we're making at Les Petites Cantines.

Concretely, it's like a big open kitchen at the foot of a building, a restaurant where the residents are the chefs, a sort of home, run by a Canteen Manager, in charge of making sure everyone feels good. And in the end, everyone pays for their meal at a free price, which covers the majority of the restaurant's running costs.

The money will be used for

- Developing the network: helping teams of residents to set up new Petites Cantines in their neighborhoods: finding and fitting out premises, mobilizing a community, raising funds, building the business model, recruiting the first employee... 
- Strengthen the network:- support operating Petites Cantines in their management of operations: administrative and financial management and follow-up, employer's posture, welcoming posture, daily kitchen activities, supply circuit, sanitary control plan, patronage and diversity of diners... 
- Extend the reach of the project beyond the Petites Cantines: support other food projects serving social cohesion, train and support companies in creating internal links, widely disseminate our impact to raise public awareness... 
- Leading the Petites Cantines network: fostering mutual support and collective intelligence, organizing convivial working times, working on the well-being of employees and administrators... 

A solid network and community, enabling us to welcome ever more guests around good food in a warm, friendly atmosphere!
We can't live without helping each other! It's this muscle - "I give, I receive, I give, I receive" - that we're going to reactivate to give the flavor of the social bond.
Les Petites Cantines logo
Diane Dupré la Tour
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, Grand Est, Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France
Certified by Captain Cause
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